carpool from mid north coast NSW to Greenstock on 26 sept

brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)July 29, 2009

Is anyone interested in going to Greenstock on September 26 for their open day? I was wondering if there were a couple of people from the NSW mid-north coast who would like to car pool. I am north of Coffs harbour, and have a LWB van with room for two others (and lots of plants)so If anyone would like to join me, and pitch in for fuel, please email me from my member page.


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Hi B.A ,I would be up for it for sure,trouble with me is that work wise it so hard for me to plan ahead,when you work for yourself in my business,your life 's not your own. cheers Jack

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BA I'd be more than happy to offer my place as a resting point for you. I'm sure some refreshments maybe even a BBQ could be on the cards. I live about 30 minutes south of Caboolture.

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Hi Jack,I work for myself too, as a gardener, but never let work interfere with play!!!!! tee hee. Thanks to the other thread, I now have a picture of you in mind when I write. Thanks very much. (I'm not game to show my face yet, but might one day.)
See how we go getting closer to the date eh? Its on a Saturday, so I'm tossing up if a night in Brisbane is called for. I guess it also depends on who can share the driving.
Hey Matt, cheers for the offer. Are you going to go to the open day too. Maybe we can all meet for a face to face, and a get together at your place sounds like a very kind offer.
What should the GW members wear to recognise one another?

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MY job is a bit different BA,and builders are not forgiving if they miss completion dead lines,so i can't just stop painting the house i'm working on.but i will let you know Ok? jack

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