Vr.Yellow Moon

vrieseaJuly 21, 2009

Well i will post another photo as some of you have asked for it.its Vr.'Yellow moon' its a sibling to Vr.'Mily Way' i have not used it for breeding yet (escapes me why)but will next flowering to try and produce some real yellows,

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sorry guys i clicked wrong thing and send twice,am i stupid or what

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I think you could post it half a dozen times and no one would complain.

Please keep them coming.

I think we would all like an edit function/spell checker etc.



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Hi Rick,dont think i 'll post halve dozen times but thanks,in this cross i also got a couple that where pinkish in the centre and the are just awfull growers ,dont know why ,there where a couple with some scribbling e.g; 'Pole Star' and a really snow white centred one 'silver Moon' (neither registered yet) not one ever showed a real fosteriana influence ,but then i may have been lucky,i only grew a hand full of seed and they are what i got,any more could have very different,like the cross that gave me the 'Aussie Beauties' a handfull of the pale centred plants the rest where patterned,and the pale plants give more pups than the others , i thought it would have gone the other way .the more i learn the less i know.any way i thought some of you might like to see a yellow toned Vriesea as it not a common colour ,Jack

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Jack, We are interested very much!! in you showing off all your creations so dont slow down now and yes like this Vr 'yellow moon' very much, looks like it has a lot of potental. Have you had this plant in high light, im wondering if it will turn more yellow in the summer light or head toward the whites ??

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Hi Jaga , the Vr.Yellow moon sits in high light but has "milky Way' along side ,and its whiter ,it does have to be half adult size for the yellow to really show but i do feel that it has potential for yellows,a couple of the plants out the cross that gave me "aussie Beauties" have a yellow tone :Vr.Kalgoorly Gold has a gold/yellow background but is marked with lime green ,as is Fern Gully , but there where others as well,time will tell i guess ,it has lost some colour since we have had allmost perpetual cloud since xmass ,but you can't control the weather , bye.Jack

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