My conference haul

kerry_t_australia(9)July 27, 2008

As requested, here are some pics of the broms I bought at the conference.

1. Top row (l to r) - T.juncea (white flower), T.beutelspacheri, T.dodsonii.

Bottom row - T.roland-gosselinii, T.xsmalliana.

2. Top row - 2 x T.'Druid', T.bulbosa (replacing one I lost last winter)

Bottom row - T.ionantha - large form, V.poenulata, T.'Penito'

3.Ae. blanchetiana hybrid (?)

4.Back row - Hoh. antillana, Ae. 'Del Mar'

Front row - XCanmea 'Repton', 2 x Racinaea spiculosa

5. XCanmea 'Repton' - bigeneric hybrid by Peter Tristram

6. Alcantarea odorata - white clone. Nothing to write home about yet, but has great potential. Should grow into a large white/silver rosette.

7.V.'Zapita' (lost all but one last winter), V. sucrei x 'Purple Cockatoo' (hybrid seedling by Steve Ward), V.fosteriana R.C. seedling.

There are a few more which I will photograph and post tomorrow, all going well.



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Very nice...more...more...more :)

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Very nice Kerry! That Canmea might change my mind of not being interrested in bi-generics! And my Till dodsonii has flowered the first time earlier this year - it is stunning when in flower - I like those huge, white flowers!

Enjoy them!

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Nice stuff Kerry. The white-flowered juncea's a new one to me. The beutelspacheri is going to be one of your favorites, trust me.

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Kerry, before I submitted my post I wanted to add that on the FCBS the last photos of beutelspacheri are of one of my plants. You're gonna love yours.

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To 'Incorrigible' Kerry.

Great to see you have got a few goodies from the sales scrum!. Predictably we like the Vriesea haul. Must get 1 of those Zapita's and like the Bigeneric. Will be good to see updates as the plants grow.

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Japie - any growing tips on that T.dodsonii? I would love to get it to flower - the large flowers look very nice from pics I've seen. Care to show us yours flowering?

Gonzer - I call that T.juncea the "Finger up" till, 'cause it always seems to flower one at a time, in that very gesture! The white-flowered one comes from a different locality to the usual violet-flowered one, but I don't know where. Yes, I'm very happy with my T.beutelspacheri, mouthful that its name is. I saw your plant (AND your real name :)) on the fcbs photo index. That yellow branched flower spike is a beauty! Is that a stake holding the spike up? Would it be pendulous if you didn't support it? What conditions do you grow yours in?

That X Canmea is begging to be mounted in a tree in very bright light. I might wait 'til winter is over to do that.

John and Agatha - V. 'Zapita' is a stunner. I love its shape after its V.racinae grandparentage, but it is very sloooooow growing.
BTW - That GW party apartment in New Orleans sounds a great idea! Start saving now!

Here are the last photos of the rest of the scrum buys. Some of them do look like they suffered in the crush, like me. As can be seen by my purchases, obscure species always do it for me.

1.Behind - Vriesea tuerckheimii
Front - 2 x Hohenbergia leopodi-horstii x ?

2.Behind - Guz. musaica - third and final attempt at growing this tropical treasure. I will try growing it in my new greenhouse.
Front - Guz. musaica forma rosea - rather dilapidated already from its abrupt removal from the tropical north, and Catopsis compacta, adding to my growing collection of catopsis.

3.Tillandsia stellifera - the smallest of the tectorum family. Unc Derek gave me this tiny one :)

So that's the haul. They should improve with age, unlike me.

HDD - Have you received your Aussie broms from Michael yet? If so, wanna show and tell?


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Kerry, these are not very nice pictures, but unfortunately, all that I have. My plant is attached to the trunk of a tree fern (NO, it is not copper wire!)and in summer time, gets the fine mist spray from my irrigation system, twice a day. And the little bit of sun that can filter through the leaves of the tree fern.


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Kerry, I'll trade you my dog, truck, and my wife's meatloaf recipe for that T. stelifera! Just kidding (kind of), that's a great plant. Guess I'll drop Uncle D. a line. On my beutel that small stake is supporting the inflo, otherwise it will have a semi-pendant nature as it is really heavy. The color lasts 6 months or more. All your other additions are awesome too.
Japie, your dodsonii looks like it really loves it's locale.

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Hey Japie, those pics are luscious! Thanks for the tips on T.dodsonii. I'll grow mine in semi-shade and plenty of summer moisture, and hope it looks as good as yours.

Gonzer, is your dog brom-friendly? Might be hard to transport him and your truck, but that recipe sounds good! Nah sorry, I'm not an Indian giver. On the label of T. stellifera is written the initials L.H., if that is of any help.


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That is a nice collection of Tils there, it looks like it paid off having a holiday in Cairns for a week.


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Kerry, the initials stand for the Lieselotte Hromadnik, a German collector who probably (very recently) discovered the species. She authored a book called "The Tillandsia Tectorum Complex" which Uncle D. translated. I highly recommend the book, the photos of the plants in habitat are amazing. Check Andrew Steen's nursery, I think that's where mine came from 2 years ago.

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Thanks Gonzer. That book sounds good. I couldn't find it at Andrew Steen's nursery, but found it at Anwyl Bromeliads - Andrew Flower's nursery, also in N.Z. He is a till man, so that makes sense. Quite reasonably priced too.


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