Jatropha potting and pruning...your thoughts :)

klyde(8)February 10, 2013

Hi all,

I bought a couple of Jatropha's last summer. They have lost their leaves over the winter, which is pretty normal I understand (?). Couple of questions though: I would like to repot them, as they are in what looks like some kind of mulch. What kind of soil would they like? What I use for my other succulents perhaps?

Also they need a bit of pruning as the tops of them have died back a bit (the bulby part). The leaves are coming out below a shriveled dead part. How would I go about doing that? Sharp knife and pair of gloves? Will they bleed, and should I be cautious? Your thoughts would be most appreciated!

Kelly in Victoria

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Well, Kelly in Victoria, some pictures of your lovely plants would be greatly appreciated and allow for appropriate comments. Jatropha are in the same family as Euphorbia. It would be helpful if you know the species. I have a Jatrophia podagrica which is planted in a semi-gritty mix and it seems to do well. You would want something that drains well. What you use would also depend on your specific growing conditions with light, humidity, ventilation etc.

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It is Jatropha podagrica.

Pictures are, alas, not going to happen.

As they are in Euphorbia, I shall ensure the proper precautions.

Kinda what I thought, really.


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