Greenstock magic (alcantarea heaven)

kerry_t_australia(9)July 21, 2009

As promised, here are some images of Greenstock nursery (was Stockade), just north of Brisbane, Queensland. They were all taken within the last 18 months, but most in June this year.

It is my very favourite brom place to visit, and run by my good mate Bruce Dunstan - plantman extraordinaire. Bruce is an intrepid traveler, venturing to remote areas within Central and South America, collecting seed and discovering new species of many tropical plants. He is off to Ecuador in October, and Panama next year after the World Brom Conference in New Orleans. Bromeliads actually only make up 10% of the nursery's stock. Other delights grown there include heliconias, gingers, and many types of succulents - all designed to cater for the landscaping industry. Bruce was secretary of the International Society of Heliconias for several years - and he's still a spring chicken! The majority of the plants are grown from seed. I am always amazed at how quickly they establish, in perfect germination and seedling conditions. The nursery is not generally open to the public (wholesale business), except for occasional Open Days, as Matt mentioned.

Of course, being one-eyed, I have mainly taken photos of broms. Seeing as we have been drooling over alcantareas in particular, they are the major subjects to show you in this thread.

Ready? Here goes...

#1. A magnificent specimen of Al. heloisae (pronounced hello-weesa).

#2. Al. imperialis purpurea (with employee Allan as a yardstick).

#3. Al. imperialis purpurea, close up.

#4. Al. glaziouana

#5. Al. odorata

#6. Al. odorata - from various seed sources

#7. Al. edmundoi (ex Selby Gardens), showing affinity to heloisae.

#8. Al. imperialis 'Landsendt Red'

#9. Al. 'Visconde de Maua'(place of discovery) - considered to be the true Al. regina.

#10. Collection of alcantarea varieties.

#11. Al. imperialis variety - grown from seed collected in Organ Mountains, Brazil.

#12. Al. imperialis variety. This photo was sent to me by Bruce, and taken in the wild, Corcovado, Organ Mountains, 2005. Bruce says this is a famous specimen for photographing by intrepid collectors, and is the same seed parent of the above specimen.

#13. Al. imperialis 'Purple Skotak' - note the very wide leaves, giving this plant the nickname "The Purple Cabbage". This is the same specimen, only more mature now, as Peter Tristram photographed for the FCBS photo index.

#14. Al. extensa (two forms)

#15. Variegated Al. imperialis rubra - from Bruce's personal collection.

#16. More yummy variegated beauties, mostly of Al. extensa and glaziouana. Also from Bruce's personal collection.

#17. My most recent purchases last month! Front large plant is Al. extensa (from seed collected at Imbe, Brazil). It promises to be a really big'un. That's Bruce working hard, pushing my new babies up to the packing area.

And now for some photos of broms other than alcantareas.

#18. Don't you just love this display tree (jacaranda) at the nursery??

#19. Rows of beautiful Vr. gigantea var. seideliana (Nova).

#20. Vr. 'Pahoa Beauty', a Hawaiian hybrid with Nova in the parentage. (Bruce's personal collection).

#21. A section of the general sales area.

#22. And last, but not least, especially for Gonz - a flowering Tillandsia rauhii, in Bruce's personal collection.

bu-der, bu-der, bu-der, That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed the visual feast.



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I love visiting Greenstock; also my favourite Brom nursery that I have ever seen. Bruce is always so welcoming, sharing his knowledge in such an un-assuming manner.

I could spend a week wandering around this place, and as for Bruce's private collection - breathtaking.

Then, to be able to look over an acre of Alcs and then walk amongst these beauties...well I can't explain.

I know that of the 2 or 3 times I have been there with Kerry we prattle on with adrenalin and excitement about what we have just seen - so much so that the 5 hour trip home vanishes.

Thanks always for your time Bruce; and the memories & photos Kerry - when can we go again?

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Well well well Kezz,you know how to make a man drool and dribble ,very nice and a feast for the eyes,i will have to take trip and visit Bruce, thanks for that. Jack

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Hello Kerry,

Vow!!! magnificent. I drool over all Alcans. you posted. Very very beautiful and huge specimens. I like #1 a nice Al. heloisa(I've never seen this Al. before) and #11.,#12 Al. imperialis variety from Organ Mountains, Brazil. (Very broad leaf with maroon tip) The veriegated Als. are elegant. I'm so jealous about visiting the Greenstock. It's ture magic, Kerry. Thanks for showing.


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Kerry my first and only visit there was in October last year (open day) and it was a misrable, wet, rainy day. But still an absolulte highlight I will never forget.

I arrived there soon after it had opened and left as they were closing the gates having spent abit of time wondering off. It's funny cause the staff were giving me funny looks but after soon seeing the smile of glee on my face they knew my interest to browse was innocent. lol

I purchased a Alc Skotak, Alc Glaziouana and a Neo Cockabelle and still wanted more but my wallet said otherwise.

I remember too the sale area had soo many different varieties but were not for sale.

Your photos are fantastic and this only makes me want to visit there sooner. The display tree was certainly a sight to see and the variegated glaziouana and imperialis rubra look fantastic.

Thx for sharing....:)

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Fabulous photos, Kerry! We met Bruce briefly when he was here for an HSI function (we are also heliconia growers), so it's nice to see his place.

One minor correction, though. #20 looks less like Pahoa Beauty and more like King David Kalakaua.

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Truely wonderful Kerry. Great to see such a surperb collection all together. We have that Al.imperialis 'Landsendt Red', its our biggest, widest leaf example of a Al. and is still growing after 10 years all so. I believe it was collected from Hawaii. This plant has produced over 25 quite fast growing grass pups for us to date so its a good one for propagation. Im with Lisa on No 20, my pick is its Vr 'King david Kalakaua' as well. The Jacaranda display tree is very well done and no wonder you have been quiet for a while with all that plant haul to find homes for!! Thanks for sharing all this, another place on the list to visit one day.

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Wow...Alcantarea heaven! Great pic's Kerry, I especially like that hello-weesa.

Cheers, Andrew.

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Wowzers Kerry! I'm speechless, they're all so well grown. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I went outside and kicked my T. rauhii.

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That's it....I'm movin' to Aussie !!

I nearly fainted just now seeing the numerous Neo. 'Tigers' all lined up for sale in the sales area in photo #21. This plant is still near IMPOSSIBLE to buy in NZ, with only a few collectors holding on to them sadly....I've been waiting nearly 10 years for one only!!

Brilliant photos Kerry, will certainly have to visit there some day.


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Wow, great photos of great plants Kerry. I think its a good thing this is a nursery that I can't visit and buy stuff from. Otherwise I might not be able to afford food for a while. I wouldn't even know where to start. I don't even know where to start drooling on the photos. Thanks for the virtual tour Kerry.

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

dribble....dribble.....drool.....drool.....slurp....dribble......drool.....drool....dribble....dribble.....drool......drool.....slurp....dribble......drool.....drool....slurp......dribble....dribble.....*wipe mouth*
....drool....drool.....dribble....dribble.....drool........drool.....slurp....dribble......drool.....drool....slurp......dribble....dribble.....*wipe mouth*

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Kerry, it's just great to see all those spectacular Alcs. Thanks so much for showing them. I just couldn't begin to think which ones I would want because I couldn't strike anything off the list, but those white variegated ones are just to die for. And those rows of Novas! Must be heaven. Cheers, Paul

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You're welcome, bromfriends! I'm glad you all enjoyed. Thanks for the kind comments and slobbering.

Also, thanks to Lisa and J+A for the heads up on the supposed Vr. Pahoa Beauty being more likely King David Kalamahoosywhatsit. I'm not sure where Bruce got his from...or who imported it with the wrong name. He was assured it was the real Macoy. So back to the unknown drawing board - again! (grumble, grumble)

And Gonz - you stop kicking that Till rauhii of yours, and behave yourself!

So who wants to come with me on our next brom crawl to Greenstock? I charge $100 per hour as tour guide...ha!
Sorry Bruce - just joshin'.

K :)

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Hi Kez, pack your bag and tell me when.
I will be there in a flash.

What a feast - very enjoyable

Cheers Richard

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Hey what about the driver here!

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Hi Kezz,i am with you ,$100 as tour guide ? cheque is in the mail, am booking you for the whole day, ok? Jack

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Kerry decided to add this up dated pic of our Al. imperialis 'Landsendt Red' it grows in a shallow dish pot about 350mm deep.Added a few 900 dia vr around it for scale.

and here's our Vr 'King David Kalakaua'

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Hey Kez
We are fortunate also to have a subsidiary of Greenstock about an hours drive South of here...I too have managed to buy some amazingly large and beautiful alcantareas...predominantly the Alc Purpurea, Vinicolor and Extensa. Lots of large Aechmea Malvas too...Its amazing what you can fit into a stationwagon if you are prepared to lose mirror views...Hope all is well with you ...

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Hi all.
That's great for you to have a Greenstock subsidiary nearby, Tris. Keep in mind that purpurea is one of the many forms/varieties of the species Al.imperialis. 'Silver Plum' is a select cultivar of it as well.
I also meant to thank you, J+A, for posting the photo of your fantastic Al. imperialis 'Landsendt Red' - good to know it is a reliable pupper - and also the photo of Vr. K.D.K., which certainly closely resembles Bruce's plant.


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coffeemom(Broward z10)

This plant porn is not helping my bromeliad addiction one bit!!!!
Absolutely fantastic. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for posting.
How long would it take to get there from Florida? just asking.

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I don't know any International Airports in Florida (Miami or Orlando perhaps) so i'll use another east coast city New York.
The distance between Brisbane, Australia and New York is 9629 miles (15496 km). New York to Brisbane Flight Duration is roughly 21 hrs. This trip is via Los Angeles.

Google is a fantastic tool....;)

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