Another question about Pseudolithos migiurtinus

karyn1(7a)February 8, 2012

I ended up with 3 plants from the seeds I started in mid Dec. They are in coarse sand and seem to be doing ok. The 2 bigger ones are about pea size. They are in a covered pot with bottom heat. I water them about 1x/wk. How long do I keep them in high humidity? What about fertilizer?

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I usually keep them in high humidity until they're repotted, or when they have grown about an year. As for fertilizer, I haven't used it on seedlings before.

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Thanks for the info. About how big do they get after a year, marble size?

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Haven't tried Pseudolithos yet, but I know that this method makes plump Ariocarpus seedlings....You might have to remove yours a bit earlier.... Probably not too big after an year though, make sure they don't rot, that's the main factor.

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The possibility of rot is why I'm concerned about their being in such a humid environment. All I've read stresses dry conditions. I guess I'm going to have to keep a really close eye on these. I have a mature specimen that I got around the same time as the seeds. It's in a similar potting mix but obviously uncovered and no bottom heat. It's under T5 lights. The container is quite small, a saki cup, and I water it every couple weeks. So far it looks good but is probably the same size as when I got it. It does have a small baby that might have gotten a little bit bigger. How big/old do these have to be before they bloom and is it difficult to get them to bloom? I haven't found much info about it. I just saw a pic that someone had posted and thought it was such a cool looking plant.

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