Vr,Franklin Forest Variegata

vrieseaJuly 16, 2009

posting photos how does it work?

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Well well well,look at that guys i yes i have managed to post a photo its my pride and joy this plant has not been registered yet but i thought i would give you all a look

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Wonderful plant, one of a kind?

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yes one of as kind the plant was origenally a non variegata,then it started to produce a pup that was half variegated and that made this pup ,the rest where plain

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Ah Jack! Veeeeery Nice!

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Congratulations Jack, it is superb...not to mention your improving PC skills!

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Hi Jack,

You really like to start your picture posting with a "bang" don't you?

Wow! what a way to make an entry.

How long has it taken to develop this plant?

Thanks for sharing, all the best, Nev.

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Thank you all for your kind comments on both su,as for posting photobjects,for the plant its taken a while the cross is Vr fenestralis x Vr,fosteriana 'white bands' so its a sister to Vr 'kakadu' when it flowered it made 3 pups and one had a hairline of white,that was of no interest,lots of vrieseas will do that, however that pup made 1 pup that was marked with white lines but only on one side,when it flowered it made only plain pups and in the last stage with only 5 leaves left on the stump she rewarded me with this pup wich is now about 16 inch across,so it's been a while to develop and a lot of luck,but now that is variegated all round i expect to get several (hope & pray) but yes i am happy with it,as for posting photo? my beautifull friend Tamera (Aniesam) showed me,if you all had a friend like her your life would be very joyous indeed,she is just lovely

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Jack, what a beauty. It must be such a thrill to develop something like that. It is certainly a thrill to see it. Many thanks for showing it. Cheers, Paul

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Very nice, Jack. Hard work and patience paid off! I'm sure you will be able to propagate this now that the stripes have widened. Too bad there aren't any variegation transmitters for the foliage Vrieseas, or are there?

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Hi Lisa,thank you for your kind comments ,as far as i knoe there are no triggers for variegation in Vrieaseas,even using flowres wich are variegated seems to make no difference,however Vr,saundersii seems to have a bit ? of a bend for it but you can't count on it ,its rare thing,when you look at the thousands of Vr.hieroglyphica's that have been grown and how many variegatas are there ? it seems to be a spontanious thing , sometimes caused by mechanical means ,and yes now the stripes have widened and gone all the way round i expect some more ,but because its so rare to see any i thought i would tease you all a little,Jack

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

Congratulations Jack on the posting of your gorgeous Vriesea. What a lucky guy! (for the plant and Tamera)
I hope we can see alot more of your plants. (Just writing on the bottome of my wishlist, hang on, theres a few pages to turn to get to the bottom, hang on, ah yes,....done!)

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That is a great looking plant, I'm glad to see that you can put photos up.

Thanks for sharing,


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A bit slow on the up take on this one but since you have brought this up Jack Im wondering about this one??

have taken off 2 no var pups but are thinking I should remove all but the variegated leaves ??

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Hi Jagga,thats interesting,i would not take anything of the plant,i feel that your best to grow the plant but not give it high nitrogen, face the most variegated parts towards the light scource and increase the ligh if possible so the plant will feel ok with the albinistic parts, while it has made pups (and Label these as coming from THAT plant) it is still able of giving you a variegated one again, it really has to come from between 2 variegated leaves,taking the other leaves of does not make the plant produce pups from where you want them ,you just have to take a chance i feel,Best of luck if it comes of it should be nice,keep us posted on developments Ok? Jack

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Hi all,

Jack, you know I love your variegated Franklin Forest - very exciting!

J+A - If you're game, and/or desperate enough, another suggestion is to try the ol' screwdriver assault down her throat in spring, and maybe...just maybe...variegated pups might emerge from between the variegated leaves? But then again, you might lose her altogether... hmmm, dilemma!
But good luck, with whatever it takes. I would risk it - which is easy to say, because it's not my precious plant - ha!


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Hello Jack and Jaga,

Nice plants. Congretulation!!!!!!!!!!

You both have a good luck about getting variegated plants from normal mothers. These might happen to other broms. I also get a lucky break in Aechmea. My Ae. 'Thai Red'(chantinii hybrids) produces a nice variegated pup. I will post it's pics later. ;-)


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Yes i am with you Kezz,i would risk HIS plant,but not mine , no its hard to know what to do, one day you 'll be faced with that Kerry,let me know what you will do wont you ? hope its not been to cold at Terania ,and Yong we would love to see your variegated Ae.

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