Jade Plant, Powdery Mildew or Salt?

DrezdenFebruary 16, 2012

There is this white "dust" on a lot of my jade plant leaves, some have larger or more of it than others.. here are 2 pictures, this substance can be easily brushed off the leaves, but I don't know if it's powdery mildew or salt build-up being excreted?




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It's had no adverse effects on my plant, I know the picture makes my jade plant look unhealthy, but I recently pruned off half the leaves on my plant to promote more branching, so that's why they look sparse. It's a very healthy plant.

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More distinct pictures would give me more of a clue as to what the problem might be, but almost all problems of this nature start at the rootball - overwatering, root mealy bug, etc. Depot it and check out the rootball for health.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I agree with Cactus. More distinct pics will help.
Looks like a small-leaf variety of Jade, of course I may be wrong.

The second pic seems to show common excretions from the hydathodes.
Tap-water and soils accumulating salts often cause this.


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Hydathodes are whodathaughts from west of the Rockies, Josh?

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Thank you all for your responses, It's hard to get a clear picture because it's a small leaf jade, and I've been pruning it to keep leaf size down, so the leaves in the pictures are already very small and it's hard for my camera to focus. I'll try to get better pictures

What would I be looking for on the roots for bad signs? Or will they be so pronounced I'll know just by looking at them.

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Okay, this picture is better, but still not perfect.. but it's the best I'll be able to do?

What do you think?


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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Could this be helpful?

Here is a link that might be useful: possibly what's happening

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