Brand New Airplant.... What happened!? HELP!

rachelthepoet(7)July 31, 2012

This is my first post to the bromeliad forum.

I purchased this Tillandsia Air Plant Brachycaulos from etsy last week. I have another airplant (blushing bride) that I've had for 2 months now with no problems, so I was really shocked to see my new airplant have such a downward slump.

The bracycaulous was in a box for 4 days during shipping. It looked pretty dried out. I gave it a "bath" for 10 minutes on its arrival as explained in the instructions from my seller. I also peeled off several unsightly leaves (again following instructions provided by the seller). I gave it a quick rinse on Monday. Both times I watered the airplant I made sure it was completely dry before returning it to its container.

Here is how it looked on Thursday.

Here is how it looked this morning (Tuesday)

What has gone wrong? Too much water? Not enough water? Is it just adjusting to the new environment?

Most importantly---how can I save it!?! It looks so bad!


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Do you have it in soil under those stones? Most air plants don't like soil. Thye prefer to be mounted on wood or a stone.

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no soil. It's just loosely wedged in the rocks to help it stand up.

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It looks like its rotting but the pup looks healthy. Maybe its dying because it bloomed. Monocarpic.
Gonzer would know the answer if he drops by the forum.

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Thanks, hotdiggety. My husband was thinking the same thing.

If this is the case, do I need to try to remove the pup? or just let it run its course?

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Rachel I am not sure but I did email Gonzer to see if he pop by the forum and help you out,

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Thanks HD for the heads up. Your plant is history, throw it away and try again. Even the small green offset is of no use. It died from 'sudden overwatering syndrome'. (just made that up!) Are you feeling guilty right now? You shouldn't be. This is a common malady that affects Tillandsias after shipping. It literally drowned after not having been watered for a while. Too much too soon.
Seeing how T. brachycaulos is very common, and yours had already bloomed before shipping (which is not good sales practice) just get another one and try this; Mix 75% small orchid bark and 25% good potting soil and pot the little fella up upon arrival. Don't water the pot for a couple days and DON'T feed it! Coupla days later water and set in a filtered light area and keep it on the drier side of moist. Brachycaulos is one of the green Tillandsias that does better in pots than when mounted.

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Gonzer! Thanks to you so much for your answer and tips for a future brachycaulous. Also thanks to hotdiggety for sending you my way. I've been horribly worried about this plant, and I feel so much better now knowing its sad fate for certain.

I do feel a little guilty! I hate being a bad plant mom! But you made me feel a lot better. The sudden overwatering makes a lot of sense. I shouldn't have followed the seller's instructions to water it immediately. I guess this kind of thing happens, and I've learned from it and won't do the same thing again.

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Could Gonzer and the rest of who wants to go up to the new post under misting I typed out a lot and my hands are hurting a bit to type much more auther you know in my fingers.
any help will be appreciated. I could just cry over my xerographica
Thank you all

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