Got a few blooms

jlgarden(8)February 21, 2012

With temp got to 31F for only one night this winter, all my tropical are staying outside most the time. I also want to grow this one to become tree form (in pot) with ticker and stronger trunk. Any advice to do so? Thanks in advance.


This one was dug from the ground before winter. No bloom but has some new growth.

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Looks like you're on your way! Thicker and stronger trunks come with age and maturity! it will get bigger as your season progresses. Can you plant it inground? It will really take off if you can. It's roots will grow down deeper and the plant will increase in size. Best wishes! Fine job!:)

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Mark, congrats on the care of your brugs. Won't be long before they shoot up and give you plenty of blooms. As Kathy said, if you plant in the ground, they really can take off.

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Great pictures!! I see you have papayas growing, mango and chirimoya? Thanks for sharing. Marcie

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chena(z8 Texas)

Nice!!! Looks Great!


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Thank You everyone.
I thought I have done the plant a favor by moving it to a sunny spot. Well, this is what happened after a windy day.

I also planted the larger Brug. in ground last May after moving into this place. The strong wind also did the same damage to it. May be this is an excuse for a new green house. haha.

Wow, marcie, you spot that cherimoya hiding behind the mango seedling. It was one of three seedlings I tried a cleft graft with Atemoya last year and all failed. The mango is Nam Doc Mai. The two Red Lady papaya and three Sun Gold F1 will go in ground next month. The one in the black pot is a grafted pomelo onto a pomelo seedling that I did 2 years ago. Those on the patio are citrus, sugar apple, guava, DR and tropical.

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