Amaryllis late in hibernation

razzbly(6)December 26, 2009

So last year I got an amaryllis and it came with bulb rot. Well, my grandmother and I took care of the rot but we are now worried that the rot did more damage than we thought because it is past christmas now and the plant hasn't even gone into hibernation yet. Is there something I need to do to get it to hibernate?

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Keep it growing as long as you can. It needs to rebuild it's strength. It can't bloom until it rebuilds itself. Not all bulbs go into hibernation if they get what they need to keep growing. they don't need to rest to bloom. That is an artificial thing the sellers do to get them to bloom at Christmas. If it needs rest, it will tell you.

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rebecca47(USA Zone 5)

Doc has it right on the money; as long as this bulb is maintaining healthy foliage and even putting out new growth, keep it growing. You can give it a bit of a rest by growing it in a cooler area and backing off on the water, yet still watering when the top of the mix is dry to the touch. After 4 to 6 weeks bring it back into a nicely warm location and see what happens.

If the bulb was able to begin the formation of flower buds during the summer growing months, it could bloom for Valentine's Day! Hippies blooms take 18 of development inside the bulb before they will bloom. When the bulbs are over-stress they will often absorb these forming buds depending on how far along they are, but not always.

If your bulb does not bloom by the end of winter, just continue to give it the best culture you can, add fertilizer on a regular schedule during the growing season ans if needed, pot it on to a slightly larger pot in the spring and work in some bone meal or blood meal into the new potting mix. You can also feed with a "blossom booster" formula plant food. Remember, the better the root system the bigger the bulb can grow and the bigger the bulb the more blooms it can produce.

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doc and rebecca, you are soooo helpful. Thank you!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Many of my bulbs don't go dormant. They tend to rebloom as they days get longer, along the lines of April or May. It's always nice to be able to predict when they will bloom (for example, in time for the holidays), but they go on their own schedule here just north of Houston. All the greenhouse does is prevent them from freezing, and even when I put them in it 2 weeks ago, most were still full of leaves.


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Kristi, you have given me hope for my bulbs. Even though I live in the South, I have them in pots and at the end of summer, when I repotted and put them in the greenhouse, they all went dormant except the Papilios. I guess I will have to practice the "patience" that Jodi talks about frequently. The only bulbs with scapes are the ones bought this season. I am seeing some really gorgeous blooms already this year.

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Absolutely... patience is half the battle! The other half is getting the culture to their liking.

Not all bulbs are the same... each one may behave a little bit differently, depending on environment, genetics and how you care for them. Some of mine bloom in very early spring, while a few others bloom later or sleep. Some grow leaves without blooming, and I hope my good care will coax them into blooming the following cycle.

You just never know... in the end, we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature, regardless of how well we care for our bulbs.

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Thanks yall! This has been really helpful.

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