neo with curly and wrinkled leaves

red.barristerJuly 18, 2012

hello guys

i got this neo some years ago and i thought it was weird and i hoped that the next generations of pups would be 'normal' but they were exactly the same as the parent neo with curly and wrinkled leaves.

any ideas what this neo is or if this curling and wrinkling of leaves is 'normal'

thanks in advance for your thoughts. here are some photos

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Hi Red,

Sorry but I have no idea what the name of your Neo is; but as for the wrinkling, it could be caused by a genetic defect in the breeding, as I have had the occasional Neo seedling displaying the same traits.

If it is still there after the first couple of batches of pups I think you can assume that it will be a permanent feature of the plant.

On one occasion I had an Aechmea which was originally a tissue cultured plant which displayed the same type of wrinkles in the leaves of every pup it produced, and again I suspect it was caused by a mix-up in the genes during the tissue culture process. I don't know for sure and these are just my theories.

Perhaps someone with much more experience than I, (like HDD for example) can answer your question more accurately.

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev!

Thanks for your input on my query. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. Would you still keep plants with mutations like these ones? I would not want to throw them away though just because they are sort of 'different' from the regular neos. I kind of like them for being different.

Again, thanks Nev!

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Hey Nev glad to see your puter is acting nice to you LOL
Red I like the trait in plants. I see this happen on my hybrids that have a hard leaf Neo crossed to a softer leaf Neo. One example comes to mind carcharodon X concentrica

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Hi Red,

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder - If you like them, why wouldn't you keep them. I have a seedling I kept because "I" like it, although nobody else seems to. (see pic)

Yes HDD my son's been home on holiday and waved his magic wand over the old computer and everything seems fine now, but for how long I don't know as it's nearly as old and worn out as I am.

As my son said, "it has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana skin"!

All the best, Nev.

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Hi Nev, I like your plant alot very busy colors. I like Reds plant too. One thing Red...your plant will have a few that quill on you...just stab the moms and the pups will be nice.

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Hi Nev. I like your neo Nev. Looks very colorful.
Hi HDD. Thanks for your comments. By the way, Im sorry but I dont know what you mean by 'stab the moms' exactly. Could you enlighten me on this one... thanks for your help.

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Stabbing is done by running a screw driver or metal rod down in to the cup of the neo before it blooms. The plant reacts by making pups. Don't run all the way threw just far enough to punch the cup. The plant the knows it will die but reproduces before doing so.
Do you know what quilling is?

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thanks hdd. i have read about quilling in some of the posts and i have also seen it happen to some of my neos. i just let them be though. havent heard of stabbing though, maybe i should give it a try... the neos in the pictures i posted seem to be quilling but actually that is how they really are. the parents were like that and so were the pups for how many generations now. i only had one like that before. now they are quite a number already and consistently showing the same characteristics with the old parent.

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