What's that growing in the middle of my yard?

butterflymomok(7a NE OK)May 3, 2011

While mowing Saturday, I came upon a lone milkweed in the middle of the lawn. This milkweed has the "ruffled" leaf on it like the variegata. What is interesting, is that it is no where near my variegata plants.

I have had milkweed come up in several locations in the yard. Before we built, this lot was covered in tall grasses, weeds, and "weed" trees. I don't think it had been cultivated for a long time, if ever. I'm wondering if there were some milkweeds growing here at one time or another. The spot where this particular MW came up was near a small stand of trees and would have been sheltered.

I will be both amazed and blessed if this is another variegata--as it would have to be a wild-cultivated one.

Just to let you know, my yard sprouts all kinds of stuff--wild cherry trees--by the thousands, polk plants, purple clover, and vetch to name a few. The surrounding area was a sod farm, but this lot had too much vegetation and slope, so was never used for that purpose.


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catherinet(5 IN)

Hi Sandy,
That's cool! I've begun finding interesting things in my yard too, no where near where the original plants were. I guess that's how nature is supposed to work!
Last year I began finding lobelia(red) and poppies away from where I had planted them, which was a neat finding.
I've discovered, if you can wait awhile in the spring to mow the lawn, you can find all sorts of surprises growing!
Last year, I found a blue lobelia growing next to my little water garden. It had been years and years since I had planted one of those, and it died. So it was really neat to see it growing!
Good luck with the milkweed!

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)


I've found the lobelias in interesting places here, too. I have always attributed it to birds carrying the seeds and "depositing" them in new locations. And you are right about waiting to mow. I just mowed the back yard for the very first time--lots of dandelions and other weeds. But, if that allowed the milkweed a chance, great. I dug it up this morning and potted it. Oh, and the poppies and larkspur come up everywhere here too. I just love it. Good work, Mother Nature.

Thanks for reminding me about the joys of spring pop-ups!


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I dug up a milkweed I saw in a field in NE Fort Worth that has ruffled leaves. It is a side cluster milkweed or A.oenotheroides. It is native to your state, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: A.oenotheroides Info

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butterflymomok(7a NE OK)

Hmmmm, thanks for sharing. I don't remember seeing this one before, but that doesn't mean it's not welcome here! Time alone will tell.

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catherinet(5 IN)

Speaking of finding unusual things in our yards.........I just found a crop of either morels or false morels about 30' from our door! I'm not a mushroom expert, so I'm taking one of them to the ag agent this morning to i.d. it.
I love finding new things in my yard!

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