RedablazenJuly 9, 2005

Having a little trouble with this Gardening Site. All I can do is keep trying... I have wrote several messages, but I never hear from anyone. I may be doing something wrong, but I sure don't know what else to do.

Now to my Problem: I own a Charlotte, Vrieseas.

I am wonderdering how long does the blossom or what ever that (Yellow Feather looking) stalk will live?

I am assuming that this Mother Plant will not get another blossom? And I read someplace where she will have pups some day. When does that happen? Should I cut the Yellow Stalk out of the middle now? It doesn't look to pretty now, it is starting to have funny looking dried up things grow off from the pretty Yellow Feather looking thing.

I need some answers, but I can't find a way to get any answers... I could send a photo of Charlotte, but I don't know how to do that either.

Guess I need more HELP than just with my Plant. LOL

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It is normal for the flower to dry up once it is finished blooming. Just cut it off. Probably what you see developing are the seed pods, but Vriesea seeds are very slow to develop and not easy for the novice to grow, and the seedlings probably won't resemble the mother plant anyway, so best to just throw it away. This will give the plant more energy to make pups, instead of expending it on seed production.

The mother plant will not bloom again, but the pups will, when they mature. You should be able to get several good pups before the mother eventually dies. You can remove them and pot them up when they are about half the size of the mother plant, or you can leave them on and let it form a clump, and just remove the mother's older leaves as they start to turn brown. This process usually takes about a year or two, so continue taking good care of it while it is making pups for you.

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Thank you for you help. I can show you a photo of my Vriesea Charlotte as she looked when I got her.

She doesn't look this good now. I will cut that Yellow part off, and wait and see if she gives me some pups to work with.

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