Brown spotting on A. victoria regina

paul_(z5 MI)February 17, 2014

Curious as to what causes this. Doesn't seem to happen over the summer ... just while wintering indoors. (Or perhaps I'm just more unobservant while it summers outside.)

It winters on an unobstructed SE windowsill. While it is cooler by the window, the plant is not at all in contact with the glass rather about 3-4 inches (7.5-10cm) from the window. Water is greatly restricted over the winter as it is for most of my cacti/succs and I do not allow the leaves to get wet during those infrequent winter waterings as I'm trying to avoid having bacterial or fungal issues.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Possible anthracnose or Phyllosticta infection? Maybe treat it with a fungicide before bringing it inside every autumn?

This is among the most xeric of Agaves. Mine happily go many months (6, 8) on zero water outdoors. I might try not watering it at all over the winter indoors.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

This variety is particularly susceptible to athracnose. I think even the shape of a pot with edges holds on the moisture. I like to plantt mine on a slant so they drain very quickly. I like to get them out of pots as quick as possible. If you need to grow them in pots find a very absorbent one, I have award time with these guys in winter even in the best of conditions. They like to grow on rock cliffs with perfect drainage.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Ah! I did not know that! Guess I'll see what happens in the future with complete withholding of winter water. I had noticed last year that without watering I start to see some leaf crinkling so started giving it sips.

As you may guess, Mara, getting it "out of pots as quick as possible" will never happen in my clime unless I want an 'agave-cicle'. The media is quite well draining. Little chunks of bark -- like the few you can see on the surface (and in about that same ratio throughout) are the only organic matter in the media. In fact, what you see on the surface is not top dressing for looks but rather the actual media used.

Despite its diminutive size (plant is only about 4" across) there are quite a few pups at its base (and have been for a couple years now). Having heard that this is a very slow growing plant, I had not expected the pupping at such a small size. Unfortunately, the pups having made their appearance have since pretty much just hit the "pause" button growth-wise.

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