What do you think about amending soil?

honeybunny2(Z9TX)February 12, 2012

Last year my plants did not bloom during the regular growing season, in fact they bloomed after I put them in the garage after Thanksgiving. I was thinking about amending the potting soil, and adding turface. Does anyone know if that would help? I have been reading how great it is in growing tomatoes and squash, so you would think it would help growing brugmansia? I know it is used growing plumeria and desert roses. Has anyone tried it, if so would you put about 1/4 turface to 3/4 potting soil? I am to the point of trying anything. Its so hot in the summer, I think this might just work. I would love to hear what you think. Barbra

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Barbra, I don't know what turface is but your plants are a year older now and they will blossom more readily than last year. Also, from what I read you had a really bad year there in Texas last year. I would feed with a fertilizer with a large first number to start with and get some size to them early and then switch to a bloom booster. I am just guessing but I'll bet that would work. Good luck.

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HI Barbra-
I agree with Bill- they will be older next year and will probably bloom a little earlier. And I'll bet they started blooming in your garage after Thanksgiving because the weather got cooler, or because you moved them to a cooler position. Many Brugs do not bloom til fall anyway, because they love the cooler temps. Just my opinion, from what I've seen with my brugs for 3 years now. Good Luck!

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If your soil isn't well draining Turface will certainly help but otherwise it's an inert substance and won't add anything. I use it for my cacti and succulents and add it to potting mixes that need better drainage. It's used to make most of the gritty mixes.

I agree with Kathy, put them somewhere a bit cooler or maybe use a salt marsh hay type mulch to try and keep the roots cooler. You could also paint your containers white to reflect the heat. Not sure if that will work or not and you want the heat early in the season. Most of mine don't bloom well during the hottest part of the season and only take off when it cools down. My arborea and Snowbank didn't even begin to bloom until the winter. Lots of fertilizer, micronutrients and water. Good luck.

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