Holiday cacti cuttings

rina_February 19, 2013

I received these cuttings today:

Close-up of new cuttings:

Close-up of the TC (?) I presently have:

I can't tell if the cuttings are same as TC I presently have? (last photo).

The cuttings are few segments long, could they be divided or is it better to root them as is?

Any suggestions appreciated. Rina

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

It's much better to root them as they are, whether it's a Thanksgiving cactus (which that is) or a CC or an Easter. Really ideal cuttings are those that branch out, like a couple of yours are there, but the non-branching should do fine. With branching cuttings, rather than burying just the very ends, I personally tend to bury the cuttings in the soil so that they're slightly covered up to where the segment branches out. That may not be the best description, but what would be emerging from the soil would be the branching part of the cutting.

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I've always laid the cuttings flat on the surface of the rooting medium and make sure they are in contact with it. Then I water them and cover with clear plastic wrap. They will root at every joint and not rot as easy as when they are planted. After they root and get growing you can separate them and you will have several plants from each cutting. The last ones I did was three cuttings with 3 to 4 leaves each and in the end I had 10 plants.

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Thank you for the tips, have to try Jademans way too.

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