Please save my poor succulent!

giomt123February 24, 2014

Ever since moving to a new apartment for school my plants have not been doing well. I had a little succulent for years that died within months. I got three new ones- one died within a week and one is pictured here because it is not doing well. Our apartment is always hot upstairs and I am curious if that is having an effect by drying out all my plants. Please help if you have a suggestion!!!

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Could use a sip of water. Would be nice to see or read about whats under the pebbles.

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I gave it a little water the other day but I am worried about overwatering. I have no idea what is under the pebbles since it came like that. Thanks for responding!!!

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Crenda SWFL 10A

While they don't look like what I usually have seen, I must ask - are the pebbles glued together?

The plant looks pretty thristy to me. Chances are good that the soil is your problem. Usually, what they come in is not the best for long term health of the plant. If it were my plant, I'd unpot it and see what is going on below the pebbles. I've had plants in a peat substrate that would take up a lot of water, but have dry spots near the roots - so the plants were still thristy because the water was going around the roots. Once the peat dries out, it really won't hold water again. There are a lot of good soil "recipes" on this site that will be better for your plants.

If your apartment is that hot and other plants have died, sounds like you may need to water more often. Are the plants near a register or air flow that will make them dry out faster? Is the apartment really dry, as in low humidity? (And they all have probably had the same soil issues.)

I hope some of our experts chime in to help you. I am merely sharing my experiences. And I have been a gross over-waterer who has rotted a lot of succulent in the past. They were all in lousy soils, too. The folks here sure know their stuff! Hope they help you.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

It looks like a Jade 'Hobbit,' unless I'm looking at it wrong.

I would pour off that coarse sand and investigate the potting mix beneath. Who knows what you'll find.....a hard, dry, compacted mass, perhaps. If so, you'll want to soak the root-ball for a few minutes until the old mix can be crumbled off. With some care, I think the plant/s can be salvaged. Hard to say without knowing the condition of the roots.


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The pebbles are not glued together. I can try to pour them out and see what the soil underneath is like and try your suggestions. Thank you!!!

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