Bromeliad addiction

caveman-bromJuly 25, 2008

Hi, I am already addicted to bromeliads for a number of years. Decide if I can fight them, join them.

Living in northern parts of Pretoria (South Africa) and grows all by bromeliads outside.

Most of my bromeliads I bought at nurseries (not well stock) in the Durban area on our east coast Kwazulu during my annual holiday.

During my last holiday I discover a new nursery (Collectors Nursery) In Durban with a large collection of bromeliads which blast new live in my hobby.

Bromeliad greatings


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Welcome Nico and show us some photo's of your broms

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Welcome Nico! Nice to have another South African aboard!! Yes, the 'entry fee' for this forum is: Show us pictures of what you grow!

I am in Cape Town - northern suburbs - and I also grow all my broms outside all year. I am sure your's will be happier than mine with all this cold AND wet conditions every winter, while you have a dry winter!

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Hi Nico welcome. I am in durbs, unlike japie we need some rain! I am sorry to say that you wont get a cure for your addiction here, it just gets worse! Dennis

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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)

Good thing I claimed my "handle" before Nico came on board!

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He he Good one Bromeliaddict!!

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Hi everyone - Thanks Lisa for helping me broaden my knowledge of the internet world.

All the best, Nev.

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