Yellow leaf tips on Haworthia

tarichaFebruary 21, 2013

This little plant has been through a lot. It didn't get very much water over the winter, and then we had a few freezing and near-freezing nights. Now the tips of its leaves are yellow. What's wrong with it, and what should I do to help it out?

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leaf tips are dying/dead.. .not much you can do, but it does not mean the whole leaf will die... but if continues down leaf (leaves) I would cut off the bad tissue and apply and anti fungal to the cut edges. Keep plant warmer.

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Thanks for the reply. I moved the plant inside about a week ago and it seems to be doing better. If I do need to cut off the dead tissue, can you recommend a good antifungal to use?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

No, antifungal is not needed, household cinnamon can be used for the same purpose, for a lot less money.

I wouldn't cut the tips off, they won't grow back & it might just spread the drying out. I'd leave it alone, as is.

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