kids starting to show their stripes!

bromeliaddict(z6 MI)July 15, 2009

During the summer of 2007 I was tinkering around with these beauties.

Now the kids are starting to show their stripes!


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Hi Paul,

What a great collection to be able to "tinker" with.

The results clearly demonstrate what makes "tinkering" such an interesting and rewarding pursuit.

"Long Live The Hybridizer!"

All the best, Nev.

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Paul, how much would you charge to come over here and tinker with my plants? Those will be very cool looking!

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Yes i agree, good show,looking at those and Yong's hybrids its easy to see the world of zonata type Neo's is going to be a whole lot different in next to no time,yes long life the hybridiser.

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Hello Paul,

Nice work. You select the very good banded parents the result should be very nice hybrids. Please do not forget To post your hybrids when they are full-grown. I want to see the result. Well done. ;-)

Cheers Yong

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brom_adorer(Mid-North Coast, NSW)

In the top picture, what is the Red, zonated plant on the right?
There should be some lovely plants when the kids grow up! I can't wait to see how they develop.
I'm a ll motivated for when the spring/summer comes and all the Neos flower! I'll have to buy a new packet of paint brushes and join in the fun.

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Hi Baddict!

Those babies are looking good...

B_A-I will take a guess and say it is Tunisia!



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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)

Dennis, you got it absolutely right. I really like 'Tunisia'. It's a wonderful, dark leaved plant. I'm counting on it to pass on some of its rich, dark color- and hopefully its banding- to its progeny. Other plants in the top photo: 'Blushing Tiger' (at center) 'Tunisia' (on the right, and then counterclockwise from there-) 'Angel Face' x cyanea, 'Governor's Plea F2', 'Punctate Red' x 'Hannibal Lector', 'Wee Willie', and 'Moyna Prince'.
I'd love to include 'Hannibal Lector' in the mix. I've had one for years and have a couple generations of pups, but never a flower for me. I'll have to content myself with the f2 seeds that Bob was sharing a couple of years ago. I should also be content that all the parents that I used are on the small side (30 cm. or less)- a fairly important consideration for us wintertime "inside" growers.
Yong- I'll keep you in mind. I can only hope that some of them will be turn out to be nearly as fine as some of the hybrids that you've posted.
Gonzer- My sister-in-law recently moved out to the LA area. If my wife and I should ever get out there for a visit, I'd hope I could make a quick trip down to the SD area to visit some of my forum friends!


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I love it when they start to show their stripes! I hate it when they don't....

Just out of curiosity, who got crossed with who?

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Hi guys

Paul-funny you should mention that your HL's havent flowered as yet (I was thinking about this last weekend)....My HL's and my Tunisias havent flowered yet either. I wonder what it is that they require to get flowering? They keep pupping...

Lisa any ideas?



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I don't know, Dennis. Some years I get one or two blooms on my HLs, other years I don't, but there's never been a year where they all burst into bloom at once like many other cultivars do. It just seems to be whenever each individual feels like it. I've had a number of carcharodon types bloom this year, kind of a bonanza, but I'm still waiting for Norman B.

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