Pineapple Brown Leaves and not growing new leaves

micowaveJuly 16, 2012

Hello, I am growing pineapple and it appears it is not growing any new leaves and getting brown spots on the leaves. Also the leaves seem like they are like curved inwards now. The plant doesn't appear to be dying either. Wondering if anyone can help.


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How offer do you water? Pineapples can take lots of water and sun.

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I water about once a week depending oh how much sun I get here. I make sure the soil is not too damp. I'm not sure why the leaves are curling and turning brown. Not sure if it is lack of sun or water or too cold.

Any help would be great.


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The soil temperature is the key to a robust plant. They don't like soil temps below 75F. They will go dormant and rot easily.

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they love a lot of water and sun and they will like to stand in water but occationally water from top and soil then replace water in a saucer

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I had the same problem on my indoor pineapple plants a few years ago. It's a leaf fungus called Anthracnose. I used 70% neem oil to control it. Also, do not mist the leaves! It will spread the fungus.

Here is a link that might be useful: Indoor Pineapple Culture

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I don't use neem oil on any of my broms it will burn plants in the sun with high summer temps.

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