What can I do to bring my poor baby Jade back???

bsmith717(6)February 26, 2013

I have had this guy for a few months and believe that I watered it too much before the roots properly made themselves home in its new pot.

What do I need to do, if anything to keep this guy going?

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Is that just a drinking glass you are trying to grow it in? With no drain hole? It needs to be repotted into a clay pot with a less water retentive mix than you are using. Check for viable roots, and if there are none, check for any rot. If there is no rot, repot and do not water until you see active growth on top, a sign that roots have formed below. If there is rot on the stem, cut above it to where there is healthy tissue, and let the cut dry for several days before planting in a dry potting medium. Good luck with it.


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Its actually a candle jar and I did drill drain holes in it. I do have a larger diameter substrate mix that I could re pot it in and do an inspection of the below dirt areas.

Thank you.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Just to add to what Christopher has said: the leaves look dehydrated because, A) not enough water or B) too much water and root rot. You must remove it from the container and inspect the roots. If you have white looking roots, get yourself some perlite from a big box store and add some to the current mix. Jades can be pretty tolerant of their growing mix, if you are careful with your watering. Barely dampen the mix and re-pot. If, on the other hand, no roots, add the perlite and remove any rot from the stem and re-pot in DRY mix and hope to see some new growth before watering again. While clay is a great growing container, any container with adequate drainage will work.


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Okay, last Wednesday I re-potted this guy in a mix of perlite and soil. Here are the pics of the roots which to me look pretty good, nothing I would categorize as rot at least.

And all re potted!

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Might work but not my preference for fast draining succulent soil. Clean and use the glass for tooth brushes or something if your glass breaks on the way to the sink all the better. You need pot or a smaller 3"-4" size container that will provide drainage.

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Hope I'm not stepping on toes, I want to go one step further, cut of the the bottom stem, and set the top into an empty pot and wait until you see roots growing then set in slightly damp mix and wait until you see a new leaf then water again, thoroughly, wait a momth until you water again, these grow during oiur winter months and will flower in Demembe if taken care of properly. then I water and fertilize again, and water again. Do not use bark or moss on top of the mix. They grow on rocky hillsides in Africa and live on little rain fall and what ever fell between the rock, and on is their to water them, the live off the damp fog, that trickles down been the rocks. Do not grow the in pots that are too large they like to crowded. I live in a very hot region in So. Calif.I have had Crassula ovate 'Baby Jade' in one pot for the past 20 + years no fuss no bother, no top dressing, no moss and they flower for me every year. They get water when in rains and comes down from the roof. I live in Zone 10 So. Cal. Med. climate. Norma Lewis

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Thanks for the info guys.

The strange thing is that when I got it there were the roots tat were in the pics. I planted it and just must have watered it too much. Thought for the first month or so there was growth.

These leaves.

I must have been too eager to water it. I thought it was like a couple of my other succulents in that they do fine with out much water but actually grow like crazy when there is more present. The plant tricked me!

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Norma: As always very sound advice, might need a little patents this time ;-) ... ( again)

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