GW registration issues- Aussie needs help

bromeliaddict(z6 MI)July 21, 2008

I'm forwarding this email to the Forum in the hopes that someone can lend assistance to Neville so that he can join in on all the fun!

G'day Paul,

I've just had the pleasure of viewing your website and found it especially interesting. Although not a hybridizer like yourself, I have been 'dabbling' in bromeliad seed sowing myself for about the last five years or so and now finf myself completely 'hooked'. The information from you, Liza and other people with common interests on the Bromeliad Garden Web Forum has been enormously helpful and at the risk of being called a 'lurker', try as I may, I still haven't been able to join up on the Garden Web Forums to offer my appreciation for the information you people have shared with me. I live in NSW Aust. and the site seems to be set up for just U.S. Zip Codes as it keeps rejecting my Aust. one. If you could pass on my appreciation for the helpful advice I have received and if possible also ask how the Aust members on the site managed to join up and participate in forums, I would be most gtateful. Unfortunately being from the older generation, computers aren't my strong point and as this is the first Email I have ever sent, (on my wife's computer) I don'y even know if it will reach you, but here's hoping anyway. Thanks in advance


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Hi Paul, Neville,
We had this problem as well. The trick is 5 digits postcode. Just add a 0 if you've a 4 digit code.

J & A

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I had the same problem when I signed up so I emailed them to ask what I should do. They said to just put 00000 as the postcode, and that worked fine for me. :-)

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At long last I've finally cracked it with the help of bromeliaddict and jaga. The zero before my post code was the secret to the code and thanks again jaga. I would like to say what a pleasure it is to at last be finally registered on this forum and I would like to thank you all for the many useful tips I've had whilst lurking in the background. I'm now looking forward to becoming a regular conributer

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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)

Welcome! It's great to have you join the forum!

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Phee - Thanks for the helpful tip, but jaga had already set me on the right path. Given all the trouble that I had in registering and given that there are possibly people out there who are just as computer illiterate as me, I would have thought that G.W. could have a note on the registeration screen notifying people with four digit post/zip codes to just put a zero before the first number.

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