My package came -Valentines Bingo

haase(10 CA)February 13, 2010

I was excited and happy when I removed the large red bucket with cut-out hearts, that was filled with wonderful surprises, wrapped in Valentines tissue and silver tinsel.

There was a huge Hershey Chocolate kiss

the most adorable, fluffy and cuddly teddy bear with a blue heart on its chest that said" Be mine". It will go to bed with me.

Next to it on the table is a Guardian Angel plaque with pink ribbons to hang it up.

Towards the back you can see two red champagne flutes with hearts. I can't wait to celebrate!

There is some body lotion and two net bath sponges. Great!

The second row shows a pair of pink socks with sparkly red hearts. Sorry Mike, those are mine!

I also got a lovely book of poetry, called "Loving Thoughts for You". I like that a lot.

There is a rose on the table, if you push on it, it lights up.

Another pretty glass rose stands next to it,

behind a wind chime that will adorn my patio and add music to the scent of my brugs.

Can you also see the pretty key-chain with a colorful butterfly?

On the right are a couple of boxes of Sweetheart Candy and a sack full of Valentines candies. Lucky me!

Left front shows a heart-shaped box of Whitman Samplers, yummm.

And in the front you can see a display stand that lights up and alternates all the colors of the rainbow, to enhance a glass decoration on top of it which has a delicate lace-type butterfly inside.It looks like a glass carving. Very pretty!

Last but not least there is a pink ball pen and a pad of sticky notes.

The package was put together with much thoughtfulness and care, and it is a wonderful Valentine's gift for me!


I just checked this message and I'm sorry that some of the items are not clearly visible. I just got a cellphone-camera and I tried my best. Trust me, everything is just wonderful!


Ingrid From Untitled Album

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Awww how sweet of Susan!!!
Congratulations Ingrid!
Happy Valintines Day!


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taz56(z8 Ga.)

Ingrid, I am so happy it arrived, just in time too!
Hope you enjoy it all!

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sibhskylvr((Mike) Arkansas)

I'm jealous Ingrid! I'm happy for you! You enjoy those socks! :) Everything looks great! And I do LOVE those Whitmans Samplers too! lol!


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figara(Ca 9)

Wow! Ingrid what a nice present! I am happy for you. Enjoy it.

Susan, you rock!!


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Ingrid, what a wonderful gift box from Susan! It's all so right for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

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Frances Coffill

Wow ingrid! look at that! Valentine Treats! I am sure that Susan is happy it arrived on time!

Hope you all had a nice Valentine's day!


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chena(z8 Texas)

YUM Ingrid You scored big time!!!! What Great gifts Susan you can see the love that went in it!! and a very fun game as well!!


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Good job Susan, you pick yummy good stuff.
Congratulations Ingrid, ya know every night when i would look up the words for bing I had that silly song in y head B I N G O and bingo was his nameoooo lololol

    Bookmark   February 16, 2010 at 2:11PM
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