New pup-what do I do now?

WackyWickyJuly 14, 2014

Bought the last brom from my local grocery store a couple of months ago. It wasn't in the best of shape, the flour? didn't look like I would have expected, rather with white, brown and yucky spots. The leaves looked healthy enough though with small brown spots. Never having seen one for real I got it anyway.

I wanted to remove it from it's pot but was not able to due in part because of the shape of the pot. Not wanting to kill it I just watered it once a week (at the junction of the leaves and the main stalk) but never the moss it is planted in.

This morning I began watering all (five) my orchids and as usual got the syringe out to water the brom (NOID). While watering I noticed what looked like light green leaves on one side and upon looking closely saw the pup; quite unexpeced.

Question: How and when can I remove it and put it in it's own pot. I don't know whether it is terrestrial or epithetic.

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If it won't just slide out with some tugging on the moss, you may have to gently smash the pot (assume it's a ceramic?) with a hammer to free it.

That is unless you want all future generations contained in the pot, which I doubt is actually good growing conditions with that nasty moss they stick in there.

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The flower was probably pretty old when you got it, unfortunately. It had probably been sitting on a shelf in the store for a while. The original plant won't flower again so you might as well cut off the flower when it gets unattractive.

I have never had luck with Guzmanias (that's what yours is). I wouldn't remove the pup until it's quite large as the mortality rate for me has always been high with that type. When the mother plant declines heavily stop removing the pups and cut off the mother when it's time.

They grow best outside in heavy shade like under a dense tree or on a porch that never gets direct sun except in the mornings or evenings. Fertilize them more than other bromeliads (that's still way less than most plants). I keep mine under a plant bench (with other bromeliads on it) under a tree and they seem to like it a lot. Put it in a heavy clay azalea pot with orchid mix, and water the roots thoroughly on a regular basis. If you keep water in the cup, dump the water out from time to time and let it dry out to prevent rot.

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Because of the shape of the pot I can't get the plant out. The pot is plastic so guess I'll have to cut it, not a big deal, just have to get another pot to put it in.

So I should wait for the pup to get much bigger?

It is presently in a 55 Gal tank along with some orchids and seems to be happy under a couple of T8 lamps. I figured it wouldn't flower again but had no idea what to do with it, thought I'd wait to see what happened to it.

Thanks for the info on what kind of brom it is. I had no idea and no real idea how to treat if. It must be doing well if it produces a pup so soon.

Thanks to both of you for responding.


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Hi everyone.
WackyWicky - What I would do is leave the pup until it's as big as the mother, there's enough room in the pot still. Then you can remove it and pot it separately if you like or just let it grow and as the mother declines, cut away any dead leaves although it will look unbalanced as it will be growing off centre in the pot.

Another option is, break the pot and pot the mother and pup into a larger pot and leave them still intact as the mother might put up more pups. Personally I think they look better in a clump, but it's a matter of personal choice.

I had a plant of Guzmania 'Hilda' which I just left in the pot when it had finished flowering and it put out three pups which all flowered the following year; three inflorescences of beautiful yellow bracts, a lovely sight.

All the best, Nev.

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