Gerry Stansfield

jagaJuly 14, 2010

With great saddness we would like you all to know that Gerry Stanfield passed away yesterday evening.

Gerry was a foundation member of the New Zealand Bromelaid society joining in 1962 and was very well known here and around the world for hybridising some wonderful bromelaids. Some that come to mind out of the hundreds are Vriesea 'Majestic Beauty' Neoregelia 'gemstone', 'Carnival', 'Samson', 'StarGazer' ,'Kiwi',the list is almost endless, but one of my favouites is a xcanmea 'Wild Leopard'

Here are 2 images taken in 2005 when we visited, Gerry (wearing the blue cap) proudly pointing out some of his hybrids.

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Yes, this is very sad news. Gerry was a pioneer bromeliad breeder, and he was probably the first person in this country to produce variegated neos from seed. He always had a twinkle in his eye, and he was always willing to share his passion for these plants,
One of his lasting legacies will be the many people, including myself, who he inspired to grow bromeliads from seed, and to hybridise these amazing plants.

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Although I didn't know him, I knew of his work and have read some of his articles. I'd heard he was not well, and I'm very sorry to hear of his passing.

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Hi Jaga,

Sorry to hear the sad news. Although I didn't know the man I've read about his hybridizing work which has certainly left a great legacy of hybrids for others to enjoy and remember him by.

All the best, Nev.

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I am very sorry to hear of Gerry's passing.

I will always remember him for his creation of Neo Midas Touch, a Neo that he created to introduce variegation in his new hybrids. And his willingness to share his knowledge. Gerry was the first hybridiser that was willing to talk to me openly about everything he knew about creating variegated hybrids. He even sent me some seeds to get my own, huge version of a 'transmitter' plant - just green and white with very little hidden agendas except for the possibilities to transfer variegation into large, landscape plants. Here are three of them - hopefully I will be able to use them this coming flowering season.


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What can I say ,yes i was aware of his hybridising efforts and i admired his willingness to share knowledge ( man after my own heart )certainly created some lovely plants ,and yes he shall be missed for many reasons,

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Hi Guys

I have been a member of the NZ Society since 1996 & read a lot his articles in the Journal, unfortunately I never met Gerry but we offer all our very best to the family, I'm sure he will be sadly missed.


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Condolences to his friends and family....

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sid_marx(Auckland, New Zealand)

I was thrilled to meet Gerry for the first time at this year's Fiesta show put on by the Bromeliad Society of New Zealand. I had seen and admired lots of his hybrids on the fcbs photo index. As others have mentioned he was very happy to share his knowledge of hybridising and bromeliad culture in genral. He has left an indelible mark on the NZ Bromeliad community and will be missed.

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Gerry got me fired up about bromeliads. I spent hours with him at his place as he showed all his plants on the drive as well as the 'good stuff' out the back! Ive never seen anyone as committed and devoted to anything as Gerry was. I will really miss him.

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