ETG's 'True Strain Papilio'

mariava7December 29, 2010

As ETG states in their website...

"While there are papillio wanabee cultivars on the market, ones with names like 'Papillio Elite' and 'Papillio Improved', these amaryllis are neither the true strain, nor improvements on the original, based on growing trials and customer feedback."

"...we want you to know that these Papillio are the true strain, the real deal, and the largest bulbs available for the 2010 season."

And it's flowers...

After all these years that I have been growing different clones of papilio, I guess this makes me realize I have been terribly missing something.

I surely hope it improves next season.

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mikep_cfl(z9b FL)

Just curious -

I wrote Brent & Beckys before I placed my order for 5 Supreme Garden to find out what they needed as evidence in the event I didn't receive what I ordered. I received a reply from someone who signed it as Becky who stated they "love pictures."

Since my credit card number had changed I received a call from B&Bs prior to shipping my order and I asked "Are you sure I'll be receiving Supreme Garden?" A certain forum member had already warned me (probably not) and I was considering canceling the order. The lady said she thought I'd be happy. I should have known better with that reply.

Yeah right. Well, the last I heard SG is Orange, and what I received is red. I'm hoping it is Lovely Garden, but I almost don't want to know. I'm waiting for 3 of the 5 to bloom, but it doesn't look good.

I'm so sick of this crap.

Anyone have a similar experience or am I the only one who took the bait?


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mikep_cfl(z9b FL)

Sorry Maria. Made a mistake - didn't mean to highjack your thread.

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No Mike. Please don't be sorry.

"THIS" has been going on for yeeaaarssss. These bulb companies KNOW what they are selling and still insists on making $$$ out of their mislabeled or inferior bulbs.

This B&B's mislabeled SGardens is not a case of "Oooops" anymore. Last year they sold Lovely Gardens as Supreme Gardens. I got 10 LGardens from them that were supposed to be S Gardens last season!!!

This year, they do it again. Take note: They darkened the color of their SG picture in their website. It used to be it's reddish orange. Ha! You would think that they would have taken extra precaution with their stocks to avoid this. But no, it's ok with them to do the "switch" over and over again.

Don't let them get away with this Mike. Lovely Garden has no yellow eye. Supreme Garden does!!! So whatever you received is NOT Supreme Garden and NOT what they have pictured in their website. Period!

Talking about pictures. You all might want to compare ETG's pictured "TRUE STRAIN" papilio is in their website
with my pic above of how it bloomed for me.


Here is a link that might be useful: ETG Papilio

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

I guess I am not sure what they mean by "true strain" in the first place as that comment alone is sort of nonsense. There are likely many, many, many accessions of this species that have been collected over time, along with many other species, and each will be slightly different as one would expect for unique clones of a given species. Please compare the two strains of papilio on Mauro's web site and you will see they are radically different, but no one would argue that they are not the same species:

Perhaps I missed the point....happens often for me :o) Dan

Here is a link that might be useful: Mauro's Hippi pics

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They're talking about the "Papilio Improved" which I guess they're saying isn't true H. papilio species like the one they're offering? Am I correct Maria? I can't seem to tell a difference between the two, I've never grown "Papilio Improved" tho??

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Dear Mike and Maria,

I am grateful to learn that my frustrating and prolonged experience is not unique. My saga may be of interest.

In June of 2009, I ordered 5 bulbs of Supreme Garden from B&B, spending more than $90.

When they bloomed in February 2010, I sent the following message to Becky Heath (I only deleted the order number):

Hello Becky,

I apologize for bothering you directly, but I have an identification question.

I ordered 5 bulbs of Hippeastrum Supreme Garden from you. The bulbs were expensive and, now that they have bloomed, I am concerned that they may have been mislabeled. This variety should have a yellow throat as shown in the photo on your website and on Dave's Garden. However, the bulbs I received produced solid red flowers as shown in the attached photo. I have done some careful research, and I think that bulbs I received are actually Hippeastrum Lovely Garden instead of Supreme Garden. Please advise.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Becky's response in March 2010 :

I'm sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you - I had forwarded your email to Holland where I got the bulbs. I personally had never heard of Hippeastrum 'Lovely Garden' and assumed it was someone's cute 'marketing name' - but I was not correct - it is indeed a cultivar. And unfortunately you did receive Lovely Garden and as lovely as it is, it isn't correct! I'm so sorry. The grower said 'I didn't have enough Supreme Garden so I just added more of the Lovely Garden to fill the order! Of course, I was upset because that is never acceptable! I'm SO sorry!
Do you want more now? for next fall?
Take care,

I was astonished to find that one of the owners of this company was not aware that 'Supreme Garden' and 'Lovely Garden' are distinct cultivars. Since I still wanted the bulbs, I told Becky that I would wait until fall 2010. After waiting very patiently, in early November 2010 I discovered that somehow my order had been forgotten . Alas, I received apologies, but no bulbs. Now, I am waiting until fall 2011. Sigh!

Best, Blanca

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If I may add my 2 cents to this thread about Papilios...As most of you know, last year I ordered my first blooming Papilio from Ebay and I was very happy and it set seeds and so on and so on.

This year the SAME bulb has again bloomed for me and I find (just my unprofessional opinion) that the flowers were much greener, frillier and basically much much prettier that the first blooming. Is it possible that on a first year when they bulbs have been out of the ground, that the flowers are sub-standard, and that the next year they will bloom to their potential?? Just a thought, as I think you can all see the difference in the blooms of the same plant below.

Last year's blooms from my Papilio from Ebay..this is the first bloom and as you can see it is quite cock-eyed, and the color is so so..

The second flower got better....and I believe these two photos were taken with flash, which bleached out the green...This actually may be the same flower, but you can see it did get better,

And this year the same exact bulb and 'I' think the flowers are much better, what do you think...??

No flash..

with flash...

no flash again..

Is it just my imagination, or aren't these flowers prettier and more well formed than last year...If you don't agree, just tell it like it is, I won't be offended...!!

I guess the question I have is..should we give Papilio a second year's bloom before we judge the flower..


I've got another scape coming on this bulb should be open in about a week, and I may have seedpods forming on the first two flowers, I know it's premature, but I'm hoping......

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Hi Donna,

I don't think it's your imagination.

To my eye, the second year blooms have improved in color, shape, and substance. Bravo! You have nurtured then well.


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

I agree Donna, your papilio blooms are even more breathtaking this year. There's something to be said about the blooms of any well-established and maintained plant / bulb being better, bigger, etc. I'm sure our hippis are no exception.


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