Help with jade plant please

photoreillyFebruary 9, 2013

Hey everyone. I just bought a jade plant from the store. I was wanting to take a cutting and grow one normally and grow one bonsai. What do you guys think I should do with this plant. I also have miracle grow cactus mix and perlite, how should I go about repotting it. I'm looking forward to follow-ups because I want to do something relatively quickly. Sorry for the poor picture quality. It will only let me do one picture at a time on the iPad.

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Is this multiple plants or just one. Sorry I'm new to jades

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Last one

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There are multiple cuttings in that one pot. Jade is a winter grower, so it is safe to repot now. Make sure to use a fast draining potting medium.


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Winter grower? Mine grow vigorously all summer long and no growth in the winter. Maybe because I'm in a northern climate.

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Thanks for the reply I did 2 parts perlite 1 part aquarium gravel 1 part MG cactus mix in a plastic pot with drainage holes and river rocks at bottom of pot. How would I manage to take cuttings from it and how much could I take. How would I plant those. And when should I water. They're in a west window. I'm really sorry for the list of questions. I just really like the looks of this plant and want to try a couple of different things with different cuttings. Thanks

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West is second best and would be okay for a while but C. Ovata " Jade" would preference a southern window.
Cuttings are easy to root and can be collected at pruning For the plant in pic dividing at least two years in your unknown area of the world. If in my area of the world then expect to prune cuttings even longer. About the same time frame if divided, not to worry 2-3 years you would of read and seen so much info about Jades here you'll be pro.

The mix sounds okay but not a mix I would use leaving me to guess that watering could be as often as weekly to monthly depending on your cultivating practices, someone else thoughts would be better.

Another opportunist type messeb ? Jades growing temp range is warmer to cooler and could easily be considered a winter grower on the lands of origin. It would be very slow to grow for some of us in cooler to colder range climates where they tend to grow better during early spring and rest during the hotter parts of summer. They spend time on starting some new growth again in early fall, again as Jademan said they do tend to rest during cooler to colder winter months especially with protection inside.

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Mine are all putting out new growth through the winter, most are in a south facing window.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Since I live in FL my Jades are also winter growers. Mine usually goes dormant once the weather stays oonsistently above 80 degrees and the night time in the 70's. I have a very short growing season...if I'm lucky 4-5 months a year, I also lose the pretty colors in the summer...

I would omit the rocks on the bottom...if the rocks aren't too big you can mix it in with your soil mix. Good luck!

Jademan2012, makes sense you get a lot more growth than I do since you live in a northern climate.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Living in Michigan, I purposely keep my Crassula cool (50 ~ 55) and low light because I don't get enough sun for them to grow normally. The new growth that I am beginning to see is etiolated and I have to remove it. So I try hard to "force" them NOT to grow until spring, when they go outside in more light and have more "normal" growth... just how I do it.

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I put them in a pot that's 5 inches wide an maybe 6 or 7 inches deep. Is that too deep

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Cooler temps are not an option for me, mine seem happy to grow in winter here in NH directly by a south window,

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Photoreilly -

Instead of taking cuttings, I'd just divide that little plant into two to three separate ones and plant into 4-5" pots with good soil. The cuttings would be okay, but your original plant would be deformed (hopefully only temporarily) when it's young as it is.

I'm not an expert, but the soil you're mixing sounds like it'd have water running right through. For my jade plants, I use 2 parts cactus soil to 1.5 part perlite and maybe some sand mixed in. Well-draining is essential -- but moisture also has to be retained in the soil.

Just my two cents.

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My two cents. moisture doesn't need to be maintained. They are So. african plants, the grow on rocky hillsides. during their spring. The seasons are opposite then ours, we live north of the equator. I grow mine in small gallon size pots I selsom water, even when it is hot and dry, look on the map, they are on the 30th paraell, so are we, they are in a fog belt, and moisture from the fog they live on rocky hillside, of in cracks of rocks They have stomota (pores) on their leaves, noi one waters them. look up CAM So you will have a better understanding of how they grow and live. Most of mine are at least 20 yrs old. I must be doing somthing right. Feel free to email me directly


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