Looks like I ticked someone off

gonzer_gwJuly 22, 2008

E-bay sent me an alert stating that the seller of this plant didn't appreciate me asking why a 50 cent plant was selling for $50. Guess they didn't like my sense of humor.


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What, you're not allowed to ask questions now?

"But what is truly remarkable are "Geisha's" flowers! A four phase spectacle lasting for months!"

Um........noooo....... they may last a bit longer than some Bills, but not much. Unless you have a big clump that keeps sending out more flowers, but even then they usually all bloom about the same time.

Hardly rare, in fact one of the least rare broms I can think of. Oh well...

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Well that's just plain daylight robbery. It's people like that that compulsory paypal was designed for.

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It is not nearly as nice as Strawberry Circles:), A lot of this guy/girls feedback looks bogus. most of the sales seem to go in groups of two/three to the same buyer. The feedback looks like it could have been written by the same person.

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gardenbear1(6 Ma.)

if it says rare I stop and think how rare can it be if 3 /4 sellers have it up on ebay, I may be new to growing Bromeliad but not to ebay and if a plant is that rare why do 3/4 sellers have it, I think any one thinking about buying should ask a question from the seller unless the seller has some thing to hide. so if enough people as questions maybe the bad sellers might go away


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I reported them to Ebay as scammers

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I couldn't find the right category. I'm glad someone did.

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