Brugmansia Angel's Flight

arghyagardengirl(9b)February 25, 2012

Just bloomed a few days ago. I've been waiting to work with this one for five years.

Very excited. :)

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maile_2010(4 Central MN)

Beautiful. Love the color speckling.

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It's beautiful. I was given a varigated (green on green) Angel's Flight a couple weeks ago. I hope I get blooms this summer.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

This is a beauty. Thanks, Kyle, for posting the link to her store. I enjoyed looking at all the brugs you offer and have my eye on a couple.

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figara(Ca 9)


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could we see a picture of this Brugmansia Angels Flight

I have been growing Brugmansia a number of years
Growing them of late years has been a problem I have not yet completely worked out

I spend half a year in Canada and the other in Florida down in the south of the state

It is an entire story that no one much is interested in hearing,
my problems in keeping brugmansia in good health

This past late fall though I ws given some cuttings by one of the garden web members.
Brought them with me to Florida and am I ever pleased that most of them did survive and are now leafing out.

THE Brugmansia you mentioned though does have great appeal to me.
Will see if I can find a photo
Good luck with growing it and bloom success

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Diane I can post a pic if you'd like but there's not much to see yet. It's a rooted cutting, about 10" tall. The blooms should look like the one in Liz's post but the foliage is green on green, similar to Emerald Frost.

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I have been growing both the regular and variegated Angel's Flight here in Florida for 4 years now and I'm not sure either one really likes it here. Although the blooms can be beautiful, the plants love to drop buds and I've never had a flush of blooms on them. The wood also has a funky look to it, the regular AF more often that the variegated. I'm not sure it is just a Florida thing because a couple of other growers in other parts of the country have also shared similar comments about this cultivar.

This may be one European cultivar that just does not like it here in the U.S.

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Wow, that's pretty special. Love the color but adore the multiple skirts!

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I was told by the person that sent me the variegated AF that the stems were kind of gnarly. I have a few varieties that have similar funky stems, Angel's Golden Dream being another one that does. If it doesn't like the heat I might very well have problems over the summer but hopefully it will improve during Sept & Oct.

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I do believe Angel's Flight is a cool weather Brugmansia. Temps above 80 degrees with strong sunlight cause bud drop, but moving the entire tree into a more shaded situation halts the problem. Trunk texture is gnarly, but not corky as other Brugs (Desiree) are. I have noticed very strange behavior among the Euros, not all, but many. Each cultivar requires getting to know it's individual strengths, weaknesses and particular needs both environmentally and nutritionally. Historically, Angel's Flight has been valuable as a pollen donor passing along interesting traits to it's offspring, so the plant's value as a pollen donor certainly makes it desirable for the breeding. In my case, I'm crossing Euros to the more established older, domestic Brugmansia that have robust growth and flowering habits. I am also crossing those older Brugs to AF. The next generation of results from these crosses should be quite interesting.

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Simply luscious!

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I don't know if it's the oppressive humidity we suffer with during late summer, but even moving brugs to a shaded location doesn't normally halt bud drop due to the high heat. I just have to wait out the cooler temps.

I'd even went as far as cooling my greenhouse with misters and exhaust fans over the summer months to grow Tasconia passifloras and Sphaerocarpium brugs. It did work well until we got almost 2 straight months with temps in the upper 90's to low 100's. I couldn't keep the greenhouse under 85 during the day without actually installing an air conditioner and that wasn't happening. The misters and fans just couldn't keep up.

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That one is prettier than pretty!!


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