Aechmea ID needed

brodklopJuly 5, 2010

I bought a pup from this brom but the people did not know the ID. Friends were thinking 'Friederike'. But 'Friederike' is not suppose to have spines. As you can see it is a large brom. This was growing in full sun. The flower head is so large it is falling over under it's own weight. I had to hold it up to photograph it.



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It could be Fascini (or Chantata, which is the same cross in reverse). Not sure, but it's definitely a fasciata hybrid.

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Yes, I also think it may be Fascini, which has been grown in the Brisbane area for quite a while. It is a large and heavy brom. Chantata is less likely - not known much of, if any, in S.E.Queensland. I agree it is definitely a fasciata hybrid.

With those spines it can't be Friederike, so you were correct in questioning that Brod. Unfortunately, there looks to be a Friederike (spineless cv. of Fascini) thrown in to the Fascini group of photos on the FCBS photo index - just to confuse the issue. The post-flowering plant in your photo probably had lighter, brighter bracts when in flower.

If it's not Fascini, it might be Pink Rocket - another fasciata hybrid. It is also grown in the Brisbane area. I'm still leaning towards Fascini though. The redder-pink floral bracts are more in keeping with Fascini.

Here are some old photos of Fascini growing on a paperbark Melaleuca. Most of my broms are usually more compact when grown hard and epiphytically.

And here are a couple of photos of Ae. Pink Rocket. (fendleri x fasciata)


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Thanks Lisa and Kerry, I think you are on the money with 'Fascini'.

Here is a photo of my pup



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