Lemon Star!

jodik_gwDecember 1, 2008

At last! Here she is... Lemon Star!

Thanks for looking! And, as always... Happy Gardening!

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Jodi, just lovely. It's hard to tell from the picture, but is there any yellow? It's a beautiful flower.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

YEA JODI!!!! Hippi blooms to match the beauty of the ice and snow with a blast of sunshine in the middle! She is lovely. Hmmm....Lemon Star? I have a Limona that I am waiting to bloom, but haven't heard of Lemon Star. Very pretty!!

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Wow Jodi! Lemon Star is beautiful! It looks really similar to my Lemon and Lime from last season. :o)

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Lovely Lemon Star Jodi!! Gorgeous coloring!

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Thank you, everyone! She's more on the green side right now, but I think she'll fade to a soft yellow as time passes. I plan on photographing her again in another day to show the changes.

Lemon Star is very reminiscent of Limona, which I had bloom for me last year. I think Limona has larger flowers, and more green tones. It would be nice if Lemon Star were as giving with seeds as Limona was! We shall see!

So far, I do like it a lot! It has four blooms on this first scape, and so far, almost three are open. It's happening right before my eyes! Every time I look over, it seems to have opened a bit more!

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Ooooh, Jodi!

I love your Lemon Star flowering sequence. It's almost like time-lapsed photography. Just lovely.

More please...


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Here she is, day two of bloom...

I think the yellow is becoming a bit more pronounced... yesterday, she was a lot greener...

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Thanks for posting all of these. The flowers are just gorgeous. I do like it lots! I just got Lemon Sorbet. Will be interesting to see the differences in them, and you have provided great pictures for comparisons.

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Thanks, Kitty! If Lemon Sorbet is anything like Lemon Star, you'll enjoy it very much!

I'll be giving this another couple of days, and then I'll begin pollinating one or two of the blooms. I'll probably self one or two, and if Evergreen ever opens up, I'll try some crossing... you just never know what may happen!

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Beautiful Jodi! The blooms on yours are much larger than mine were since my bulb was undergoing surgery when the flowers were about to open...now I have a third scape coming up! I loved the green stripes on the back of the pedals too!

Hope we can get seeds from this one. The pods are there if only they will go the distance! Let's keep our fingers crossed!


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I think the blooms are about the same size... I'm thinking it might be how they were each photographed. How far across do your blooms average? Mine average about 6" across, from petal tip to petal tip, farthest length.

I always try to get fairly close to take photos, and I use a Polaroid PDC2300Z digital. I also size, crop and sharpen them in Adobe Photoshop before uploading. Pixel size averages about 500x300 or thereabouts after sizing, and I save them in a web-ready gif format. I rarely use flash, and always try to get them in morning light.

I, too, hope they are good at producing seed! Last season, my Limona was amazingly generous with seed pods, and I had tons! I'm hoping for the same from Lemon Star!

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My blooms were a little smaller than yours. I would estimate they were 4.5 to 5 inches across. It seems not being planted properly and undergoing the surgery took a little of their strength. I have a third scape emerging now, so we'll see how it turns out!

I wish I knew more about photography and editing! I have not idea about pixel size either...haha! My photos are just taken and either rotated or just posted as is. I use a Nikon coolpix 5400 digital that is about 5 years old, but does a pretty good job. I have noticed the color balance isn't as great as what it used to be...old age I guess! The majority of my photos have to be taken using a flash unfortunately, so they don't turn out as well as they would with natural light.


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I really don't know that much about photography... I just know how to "fix" and size my photos, basically. I believe there is a sizing feature at PhotoBucket, which is where I upload my photos online.

My camera is old by today's standards... we've had this one for about 8 years, so we're really due for an upgrade. I just can't afford a new camera right now, and this one still works. Just when I learn all the features on this one, we'll probably end up getting a new one! LOL!

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And my Lemon Star is just sitting there. Well, maybe it is taking it time and letting Evergreen run the show for now.

Jodi...Did you receive any email from USPS today?

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Ooh! What a lovely shot that is! I do love that flower shape!

No, Maria... not yet... sometimes USPS doesn't send those automatic emails until they actually scan items in, though, so something could arrive in my email today. Should I keep watch over my mailbox? :-)

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Yes my dear.

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Hi, Jodik, this is my first posting. I have been following this site regularly and get to love this flower.(I was formerly on orchids and now on organic vegetable gardening.)

I planted about 6 pots so far in my back yard garden and they are still small about 4 leaves. By the way, I am quite interested in crossing and pollination. Does the different colour crossing make the new generation different colour? or what? How to to it? Thanks, Engy

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Thanks, Maria! I'll keep watch on my mail very closely! Now I'm very excited! :-)

Engy - Welcome to the forum! With the best of conditions and culture, Hippeastrum take about 2 or more years from seed to flower. Pollinating them and creating different crosses is a lot of fun... as for what the next generation will look like, that will depend on how the genetics set up. There are some interesting and informative posts here in the forum about crossing, and if you do a search, you'll have lots of good reading material.

Keep following along, and you'll see how several of us make our crosses and harvest the resulting seed. When it's time to pollinate my flowers, I'll try to take some photos.

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Very pretty bloom, Jodi. I'm glad you said Limona has similar traits! I have two Limona seedlings from the seeds you sent at the beginning of the year. The seedlings are doing very well, growing lovely leaves. Hope they would bloom next season (2 years old!)


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First of all... got your package, Maria! I'm so thrilled! Thank you so much for the wonderful plants!

Second... Xuan, the only big difference I can really see is that Lemon Star has slightly smaller blooms... Limona had larger flowers. I'm hoping Lemon Star will give me some seeds so I can share some with you! I can't wait to see your little Limona seedlings bloom! How exciting that will be!

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You are most welcome! I hope they give you as much joy as they gave me. :-)

Finally, my first Lemon Star is showing a scape tip. It is a huge 32cm bulb I specially ordered. Bigger than the Lemon Star we got from the coop. I am expecting good things from it. Hopefully it performs like Frank's Lemon Star with 3 scapes? I was drooling over that Lemon Star...lol!

Jodi...Is this Lemon Star of yours an established one that never rested? I think I remember you saying that you got this last season.

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I hope you get three scapes, Maria! :-) I'm really hoping that my San Remo will. She was just so CUTE. I'm a sucker for the pinks :-)

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No, Maria... this is a new bulb. Last year I bought a Limona... this year, the local garden center offered Lemon Star, so I had to grab one! The bulb was nice and large, just like Limona was. They also had Papilio bulbs for only $12 each, but this one is only leafing out, with no scapes in sight.

My Lemon Star has 2 scapes, so far... a third hasn't peeked out quite yet. time will tell if there will be a third scape.

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