Werauhia gigantea

aroideana(Tropical Australia)July 16, 2008

I recieved seeds of a large unidentified species of Vriesea a few years ago .. came with many other lots . It was either from Santa Catarina or Mato Grosso [ I know makes it hard] Finally one was coming into flower , BUT the rain gods have been cruel and it has rotted of before maturity .. I spotted a picture in Lemes first book af a near identical plant , and that led me to Vriesea amazonica . and now to this Werauhia .. I thought it may be a Werauhia , as it had small hair pups when young and loked very similar to sanguinolentas I have grown , the same size also .. anyone grown this before ? Any pictures ?

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Hi 'roid,
Vriesea amazonica has been questioned as a parent plant of a supposed hybrid by John Buchanan (the other parent being V.fosteriana Red Chestnut). This hybrid looks almost identical to the hybrid imported by Olive Trevor in 1980 from Hans Gulz in Germany - and her hybrid now has the general name of V. Gulz. Then I found out that V. amazonica has been renamed Werauhia gigantea. The plot thickened, as the Buchanan hybrid does not look like it could be crossed with V.amazonica/W.gigantea - WHICH I have finally found growing at Bruce Dunstan's Stockade nursery. I don't have a photo of it unfortunately, but I looked at it closely.
Bruce had it labeled as V. amazonica, and I think he brought it back from his many travels in Central and South America. It has plain green narrowish leaves, tapered at the ends, and quite large and full - approx. 60cm high and wide. First time I saw it I gasped, as I suspected (wrongly) that the elusive plant was a furphy. On my last visit to Stockade, it was coming into flower - and it had an insignificant colourless branched spike like other werauhias.
Bruce should be back from Peru now, so I could ask if he has a photo, and exactly where it came from?


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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Kerry , I may have sent you a plant of this ,, I had listed some on ebay ages ago .. it changes a lot as it matures .. will send you some pics later .

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