need help! very newbie

terrybullJuly 6, 2010

i live in idaho, i recieved a bromeliad from a friend, she purchased it from our local grocery store. I have kept in the same pot it came with. I have been careful not to over water it. It is kept in low light area. I received the plant 3 months ago, and it had a beautiful tangerine orange flower, it has faded in color, and the green leaves have started to brown at the tips and some have browned all the way. I am going to start using disstilled water, but i am not sure if i should cut the browning leaves or wait, not sure on how or where to water the plant, not sure on how to fix the fading of orange color. I would appreciate any help that you guys can give me on keeping my plant alive and beautiful

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HI Terrybull,

Without a photo its hard to say but sounds like you have a Guzmania ,the leaf tips go brown from being indoors to long and so the humidity is low and it needs a bit of dappled sunlight to keep going as well ,the flowers fade after about 3 months , and the best thing to do is cut it of ,then the plant will put its energies into producing offsets ( pups) wich you can carefully cut of when about half the size of the mother plant and pot up seperately ,these will,flower in due course and so on ,use a good quality mix to grow in ,

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