Camphor trees in containers

kellybird02(7b)May 7, 2010

Hi there!

I was wondering if anybody has experience growing Camphor trees in containers. I have one small one in a container now and I need to purchase a larger one because a SBST laid a bunch of eggs on my small Camphor and a small Spicebush I have in the ground. Now I need more food. A fun problem to have!

Anyway, I am out of the zone of the plant hardiness and plus I have read that Camphor are invasive in southern states so I want to keep them in a container. I am wondering how behaved they are in a container and if they will do fine indoors over the winter?

Any advice is greatly appreciated - Thanks!


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mechelle_m(z9 TX)

Hi Kelly. I have had a camphor tree in a 22" pot for about 3 years and it has done extremely well. I left it outside this last winter (the pot was way too big to move), which was a harsh winter for us here in Houston, TX and it survived just fine. I can't remember if the leaves fell off, I don't think they did, but it seems to be happy in the large pot I have it in.

I also have a sassafrass tree in a pot and it has done well and I even got my very first ever spicebush swallowtails (10 of them!) on it this year. I have been using the leaves from the camphor tree along with the sassafrass and the cats seem happy enough with their menu.


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Thanks Mechelle!

Nature just about took care of my problem for me. I saw a wasp attacking the caterpillars on the spice bush. He got several of them but we managed to save 6. Then when my daughter and I came out this morning we found a darn spider had taken up residence on our tiny camphor tree and had eaten all our caterpillars on there (I assume it was the spider).

Anyway, at least we have the 6 we brought in and there are some more eggs ready to hatch.

Thanks so much for the info!

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