Papilio Again, Sorry .....& Green Dragon bulb

aveo5December 8, 2011

Ok guys/gals, you have helped me out greatly, and my replacement bulb for the first Papilio finally got here,and its perfect, fingers crossed for a bloom stalk. No bulblets pulled off it, but no tips of leaves either. but its firm,big and no hacked off bottom. BUT,I ordered a second one from a seller on EBay that sent me my first one that was perfect with a bloom bud peeking out. Well it JUST arrived and the 1in long bloom is smashed beyond hope:(, the bulb is enormous!,but it also is split on 1 side down 5 layers. From the 'neck', to the top of the roots, not into the roots.

It is like 5 layers were to tight or something and it split into a big V. No rot and it seems to be healed, but this is not what I want. I want blooms, and those are dead. I have contacted THIS seller and am waiting to hear his reply.

But it might put out a second bloom stalk,right? If this big V is healed and doesn't rot? Should I keep it, if my only recourse is to pay to return it, and wait another 2 weeks to get one. OR since it is so big, grow it out and see if I get a second bloom stalk? But what about this split of 5 layers? The other bulb had layers ripped off it, ahd that anti-fungal powder all over it, I planted it, but it is doing nothing yet. This is like the inside was to big for the outside. Like when oranges grow, if it rains to much, the skin splits on the fruit from to much water, to fast.

But this doesnt look ripped. It looks like a split,like the 'inner bulb' was to big for these 5 layers,it split and healed.

Guess my question is again, should I keep it, or return it to them, at my cost, and have them send me a replacement? Or if they tell me to keep it, will that split rot? I know you want pics. But I tried and it didnt work...again! By the time my buying ends, and it has, now I wait,I will have 5 new GOOD Papilio bulbs, not including that one that arrived all ripped up. Then of course my huge pot of my 'old' bulbs. So I will have a lot of them again!

Then my freaking 'Green Dragon' bulb arrived. The saddest bulb I have ever seen. For $25! My 'EverGreen' bulb, at $7, is massive and its a mini? This one is the size of a SMALL orange and semi firm, with a few tiny thin leaves starting to show, and this is suppose to be a 'forced bulb' and will bloom? I am waiting for a new bulb from them now to. It came in a padded envelope! Not even a box. Thats how small it is.

This is going to put out those big green/white flowers? It is 16cm, it was suppose to be over 32! At that price I could have gotten 2 Papilios from one of the other sellers.

Will this Green Dragon really grow? Are they that small of a bulb?, or are they ripping me off? you Green Dragon bulb that small? Any of them? I mean it arrived in one piece, no injury's, but its so small, I thought it would be HUGE, Did I over pay? Or is it that hard to get one? Any advise, please:) Thank you all.

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The split down the neck is normal in Hippeastrum bulbs, it isn't a big deal.

The 'Green Dragon' is a miniature Hippeastrum, a true miniature unlike 'Evergreen'. All the bulbs from these are incredibly small but they flower really well, I think you're worrying yourself a bit too much, just relax and enjoy!


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Hi Aveo,

As for your papilio with the split down the side, I know exactly what you mean and I have had MANY bulbs like that and not only bulbs that I have purchased, sometimes they grow like that after a summer in the sun (looks like the inside grew so fast it split the outer layers) nothing to worry about on that score. That happens frequently. As for the squashed blossom that is not acceptable. Just a little bit of ingenuity and the bud could have been protected. I too have had that happen. Two years ago I ordered 2 mini bulbs from a popular Ebay dealer and the buds had grown up about 2 inches and what did he do? He cut the buds in half!! I was livid!! He gave me an extra bulb and said that's the way they came to him. Regardless of whether or not they came to him that way, he never should have sent them with the buds cut!! One of those bulbs ended up being virused and the next summer I threw it away. The other was a Joker and the poor thing is still alive and only about the size of a small walnut..after nearly 3 years!! and of course it has never bloomed..

OK back to your problem. If I were you and if the bulb is as big as you say it is, I would most likely keep it and hope for another scape. The split not being an issue, I would chalk it up to experience, but would let them know that I was displeased. Maybe you could tell him you belong to a forum and say you might post his name to warn others. (only if you're in a really bad mood);-)

As for your Green Dragon, when my bulb arrived it was very small,(it is a small bulb I think) and as it was a gift from someone, I made the best of it. It bloomed the flowers that you saw in my pictures on 2 very short scapes. It had at least 4 flowers on each scape, but only a couple came out, the rest were in distress. I just went to find my Green Dragon currently and it is now 2" in diameter and looking very good..still small but growing 3 nice clean green leaves. I don't expect it to bloom for me again for some time, but it is healthy and it will recover. If your bulb was supposed to be 32cm and it's only 16cm then you certainly have something to complain about. And yes, I would say that in this case they are ripping you off. $25 sounds a bit much for a bulb that small plus postage?? In the case of the damaged papilio bud, it was carelessness but I wouldn't say they were trying to fleece you.

Maybe they can make a large adjustment concerning the Green Dragon and my guess is that it will bloom, but the flowers will be stressed. Your best chance for enjoying your green flowers will most likely be your Evergreen.

Maybe someone else has a large Green Dragon, I can't accurately tell you if in fact they are supposed to be a small bulb, but mine was and I guess yours is too.

Hope I've been able to help you and let us know how you make out..and you have got to learn how to post pictures..:-)


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Just one more thought. I am assuming you bought your Green Dragon on Ebay. If I'm wrong, then just ignore the rest of this. I just checked and if the seller is from LA, then the Green Dragon bulbs he is selling are listed as 18 -20 cm. Is it possible that you were were mistaken as to the purported size of these bulbs?


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Hi. Thanks Josh and Donna for letting me know this 'split' is 'ok' on the bulb, that it happens. Why does it happen? Anyone know?
So it wont rot, since it is healed up? Do I peel the layers off? Dust it with anti fungal powder, that I do not have.

I was contacted by the seller and they apologized, and will refund my money, but I have to return the bulb, at MY cost! And no replacement bulb. This was the last one. That means I would be out $13 in shipping fees. Shipping TO me and then back TO them, and then I have nothing to show for it,no bulb, nothing, the bulb was $16. So I nearly paid for nothing if I send it back.

So I should keep the bulb and plant it, and see if I get a bloom stalk. If I don't get one now, I may in an upcoming season. as long as it lives and grows, I can get it to bloom...but I wanted it now. and if they packed it right, or the post office didnt use it as a football, it would have a nice tall stalk now.

Yes it is large, it is 21cm around...thats big for a Papilio...right? If I keep it, do I pull off all those layers? Or leave them on? Keep and grow, or return and loose $13 and the bulb?

As for the Green Dragon ,yes Donna it was the LA person on EBay,I thought it was Louisiana, but maybe it was L.A. Calif. It said 32cm someplace in the auction posting, think it was for his other amaryllis bulbs? And the smaller size was for the 'Green Dragon'? So it is normal for them to be small? But they bloom well? And I am getting another one from them. But probably the same size. The price of the bulb included the shipping of like $6. So the bulb was like $ that high?

This helps a lot. I have to decide to ship this Papilio back or not. I think THEY should refund me my shipping or bulb price, I didnt order a split bulb, or was warned it would be split and watch out for it, that its no big deal. I thought it was badly damaged or diseased.

Ok.., it seems you two are ok with the split, and it might put out a second stalk,as long as it grows, it might bloom later in the spring/summer here. I HATE to loose $13 and get nothing for it...Not even a younger bulb.

Ok....I'll check in the morning/afternoon, to see what you think, or others say to. It's just so sad to see the blooms all smashed :( But I have 2 more coming. Then thats it! thanks for the information

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Keep the papilio......don't worry about the split.......don't worry about rot on this split.......plant this bulb and sit back and enjoy it..... as I'm sure you'll get another scape. By the way, do you know how many times most of us have bought bulbs and have had to wait a year before we see a bloom???? Not uncommon, so give this bulb a chance.

As for the Green Dragon, LA is Louisiana. So plant this bulb also and look again at his listing and you will see that both of his listings for this bulbs give the smaller size. Do not bother to send either of these bulbs back!!

Sit back, enjoy your bulbs and learn how to post pictures. The next time you have a crisis, pictures go a long way to explain the problem..makes it much easier for us to accurately help you...............


All of this is just my humble opinion........

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Hi. I planted the Green Dragon, they said they sent me a replacement already. As for the split open Papilio,it is still in the box, I got it last night, I sent them an email late last night, asking IF they had any blooming sized ones left, and IF they would pay for shipping this one back. Or I am out $13 and have nothing to show for it. BUT I will probably keep the Papilio,since you two tell me this splitting thing happens a lot? should I peel the split layers off?, or just plant it shallow like I usually do,1/3 uncovered, And wait and see what happens. Thank you.

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Don't peal anything off the split if the layers are green...leave it alone, and plant it the way you would normally plant a bulb ;-)

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Bulbs split due to growth, it's a natural occurrence and this will not be the last time you see it. When the bulbs grow the outer layers much stretch to accommodate the inner layers, sometimes they're older and don't "stretch" as well and if a scape is growing or forming it causes an even quicker amount of growth that causes the need to "stretch" even more.

Kristi cuts the neck of her bulbs back and this will help a lot, it gives a wider opening to make rooms for quick growth.

Bulbs are apart of nature, they're not man made *aside from hybridizing* and they will never be perfect. Look at potatoes, no two are alike. Plant your papilio and let it grow, most papilio aren't guaranteed to bloom when you get them, a lot of companies like Scheepers say "may not bloom this season". They're shy bloomers so just make the best out of this situation.

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Maybe it is bursting at the seams Josh,because it has a second flower stem developing..I hope! I bought them all as 'forced' bulbs, guarenteed to bloom in 6-12 weeks.

MORE TROUBLE! Just shoot me. I just came home,3pm, and the 3 layers that make up the split, (I thought it was 5,2 were the brown paper skin), well the 3 thick layers are now BLACK and rotting!

Please shoot me. The main bulb under-neath those 3 layers is rock hard, I picked up the bulb to plant it, 1/2 way, to keep some of that split out of the soil, it is covered in big black areas, and they are soft. They are rotting. From looking good but split last night, to now the split layers are rotting! What do i do now? HELP!!!

Do I plant it 1/2 way, or only 1/4 the way, as the seller has now told me, I should just plant it only 1/4 the way....that is what he would do, if I sent back the bulb. I just emailed him, and told him about the rot. So do I now remove these 3 thick layers that are rotting. So fast, from just last night! And them plant it? OR take them off first and let it 'dry' for a few days? Or return it and loose all my money and have no bulb.?

The seller has me thinking to let EBay and PayPal intervene and decide if i get a total refund, or something inbetween. But i dont get a bulb no matter what, unless I keep this one. But this rot is a problem, isnt it? Do i peel them off? Do i return it? What would YOU guys do now?

I am sure the bulb under the split is firm, but the 3 layers are spotted black and rotting, I took off the brown paper layers, to see what was going on, and saw the black. this a deal breaker or what. I was ready to plant it and look forward to growing it I just dont know.

Donna, Josh, anyone else....what would you do, and what should I do now? Toss it, send it back, peel it and let it dry, THEN plant it? What do i do? Does anyone have this bad luck besides me? Thanks for the advise.

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