rot on one leaf of pup

ivywinJuly 9, 2014

So I have this pretty large pup still attached to the mother it has 8 leaves and the length of the leaves are as long as the mothers but the base is half the size of the mothers base. Ever since one of its leaves has grown it has had this brown dot looked like it had an injury and hadn't completely healed but I don't really know. Just today I noticed that around the brown dot it has started to rot. Not very big its about half the size of a pinky finger. I was wondering should I cut off the rot? Will it effect the rest of the leaf/plant if I don't cut it off? Will I harm the leaf/plant if I do cut it off? Is there anything else I can do? Thanks so much everyone

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Split the leaf down the middle and pull to the sides and it will come off cleanly.
No harm will be done to the plant.
Sounds like it is big enough to come off and be potted.

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If the spot is old, dry, and high up on the leaf, it will not harm the plant whatsoever. No need to remove the whole leaf. If it's unattractive you can trim or remove it depending on your preference.

Rotting spots that are damp and close to the base should be removed with prejudice to prevent the rot from spreading. Cut them out or remove the whole leaf, and treat with fungicide.

If your pup has long skinny leaves the plant is not getting enough light or too much fertilizer or both.

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