Here we go again...(picture heavey)

dellis530(6B)February 23, 2012

I hope no one minds the pictures. I always love to look at everyone elses pictures esp in winter. I was sorting plant pics so heres a few more.


A. peglerae (thanks for the correct ID Jeff!)

Aloe buhrii

Aloe aculeata

Aloe aborescens variegata - These pups root very easily. The whole plant grows very tall and when I chop the main stem all the little pups take over. I can trade these too in the spring.

Aloe glauca. These are actually offsets from a mature plant. Moms not looking so good these days after a feline mishap so I'll just post these little guys.

Agave attenuata

Agave attenuata "Kara Stripes"

Aloe brevifolia

Agave scaposa

Gerrardanthus macrorhizus

Uncarina perrieri

Bursera simaruba


Melocactus azureus

Euphorbia sp. aff. neriifolia

Euphorbia baioensis

Euphorbia pachypodioides

Adenium obesom

Dyckia Cherry coke

Hechtia aff. podantha

Dyckia platyphylla

Senecio fulgens

Sansevieria patens

Sansevieria francisii

Sansevieria roxburghiana


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Great plants, Denise! Thanks for sharing! (It'll be a while before I get to posting mine. Too many things on the front burner!)

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

So Denise,are you trying to tell us that you like Aloe and Agave and Sansevieria? LOL I definitely like your D R. Thanks for sharing

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ctreeteac(Zone 8b; rain-spewing Oregon)

Beautiful Dyckia! And really enjoy the Aloe glauca. Pretty coloring on all!

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Thanks guys, I had a thing for blue plants for a while. Howard, I do love aloes and they do really well here.


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Very nice plants! I would love to have a collection like that. Do you have any cold hardy succulents in the ground?

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Nice pics... never seen an Aloe buhrii with teeth like yours has... suspect some other Aloe is in the mix there. Also, your first Agave attenuata has a distal thorn on each leaf, another rarity... you sure that's not a hybrid, too? I was going to guess that one to be an Agave desmetiana as it has right shaped leaves, too.

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The colors on the first agave are wonderful! Your plants look so healthy. I'm glad you included the photo of the pot in with the last picture. Looks sort of western.

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I've been researching Agave desmetiana and Agave attentuatas and have successfully confused myself. The Kara stripes attenuata doesnt have the terminal spines like the one I call attentuata. Here are more picks and you'll see how they are different. The A.Buhri barely has teeth it feels smooth on the edges. It resembled a striata when it was small and has been changing as it grows. Someone gave me the ID, but like I said the Aloe looked different. Any ideas?


Heres a better picture of the Agave in question. I have it tagged A. attentuata.

Heres my Agave desmettiana variegated.

And heres my Agave desmettiana plain form.

Thanks for helping me get accurate. Your thoughts?


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Denise, lzrddr actually called you out on your id's. But in regards to your agave desmettiana regular form. I haven't seen agave desmettiana with marginal spines as pronounced as yours. But I am not an expert on iding plants.

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Ok so BOTH IDs could be wrong? I feel like a family member has betrayed me and isnt really who I thought they were. Any reasonable guesses so I can research. Both plants are over 20 yeras old. Now I'm on a mission.


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You probably need gentry's book to id. your Attenuate has long terminal spines like lzrddr said "is a rarity". The leaves have the right shape but wrong form. It should look just like your varigated form. When I had a non-variegated one their form was identical. Regardless you have some very nice agaves! Heres a photo of mine;)


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

On the one you have tagged as A. attenuata, I'm thinking it looks like A. celsii. Worth a check into, I think.

I agree with Chad the A. desmettiana has no marginal spines.

I'm in the same boat, finding new IDs for very old plants. It's really hard to change the files in my brain! Even worse, as previous photos tagged, needing name changes! Arrgh!

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Ok I'm researching this mess now. I like posting alot of pics, I've gotten some good ID corrections.

Rosemarie - now I'm getting ID's for very old plants that were too juvenile to ID, now theyre big enough to guess. How bout my "Aloe buhri" any guesses.


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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

I have no clue on your Aloe buhrii, Denise. From what I can see, like Geoff (lzrddr) said, that one shouldn't have teeth on the margins, so maybe it's a mix (hybrid)?

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