Sesamothamnus lugardii...seed/plant sources in USA

bronxfigsFebruary 18, 2012

Looking all over the net for possible seed sources for this plant. Only found seeds at: B & T World Seeds, but came up blank for sources in the United States.

Also, besides Shoal Creek Succulents, does anyone know a source for plants, large sizes, say 1/2 -1 gallon sizes?

I went on a search for all the Cactus-Mall listings, and still came up with zip, zero, nada.There HAVE to be some growers in The States for this plant.

Any help? Maybe a private-grower?


Great Petaluma




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Have you tried Guy Wrinkle - Rare Exotics?
I've never purchased from this nursery and don't know if it's reliable or not. Good luck in your search.

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karyn1....Yes, and he said "no".

I'm running out of places to try. I'll probably have to just order a small plant.

Struck out....again.


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fly out to So California for local cacti sales... often see 1 gal and larger sizes of this for sale locally.

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You hit the nail right on the head! You have no idea how I would love to do just as you suggest. Distance, and climate always seem to separate me from the plants I want to grow, and I'm afraid that if I do visit such places - where the climate is so conducive to growing these types of plants so easily,- I may just stay there for the rest of my live in peace. I've had it with New York, the lousy climate, traffic, noise, everything. I need some BIG changes, and fast...but, I'm stuck here for now...and it's beyond my control.

Incredible to read that you can so easily find this plant!


Frank, ... still freezing in NYC

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