Ralph Graham French Variegated

brom-bearJuly 31, 2009

Hi Thanks Kerry I think it worked with the photo. I have this great looking pup come up from the shabby looking mother plant. can anyone tell me if this is likely to stay variegated or revert back to it original form.

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Well done on the photo posting, Shaine - that was quick!
Billbergia 'Ralph Graham French' is renowned for being an unstable variegate. I get similar results, with clumps having a range of variegation. Some pups are almost completely albino, and others in the same clump can have no variegation.
Your nice-looking pup should stay looking as it is, but might throw a non-variegated pup, maybe not. It seems to be the luck of the draw with this cultivar - without rhyme or reason.
I find those of R.F.G. that lose all variegation rarely throw any pups that are. I'm not sure if those should be named Bill. vittata (of which R.F.G. is a variegated sport and cultivar) or Bill. 'Ralph Graham French - Novar'. Anyone know?

Gonzer had a similar example of R.G.F. to Shaine's a while back, but I can't find that thread.


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New photo Kerry.

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