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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)July 10, 2008

I'm excited to share a few pictures of some hybrids that I just registered with the BSI. I know that the pictures will eventually come out on the fcbs site, but I can't wait to share them!

The first one is a cross of Neo. 'Perfect Harmony' x 'Bob Work'. The Neo. burle-marxii ancestry from 'Bob Work' is evident in the whitish spots and streaks. Overall it's kind of an unsusual colored plant. Mature size is about 30 cm. in diameter. One of our local society members suggested the name 'African Queen' and the name stuck.

The second is also a hybrid using Neo. 'Perfect Harmony' as seed parent. Neo 'Sailor's Warning' is the pollen parent. My only hesitation is registering it was to compare mature specimens of 'Sailor's Warning' and my new hybrid. I think that my new hybrid is a fuller plant, with more cherry red (or cheery red!) than 'Sailor's Warning'. It has more green spots and streaking than 'Perfect Harmony', though a bit less then 'Sailor's Warning'. It has striking, dark violet flowers. Mature size is about 30 cm. across. I've had the name 'Sailor's Delight'in mind for it for a couple of years, and that's it's new name.

Here's a close up pic showing the flowers-

Neoregelia hybrids are relatively easy and fun to make. They grow pretty quickly, and you can cull at a fairly early age based on foliage characteristics that you can see early on. Flowering Vrieseas are a lot tougher. They take a lot more time (and space), and you have to grow them all the way to maturity before you see whether you got a good result or not. I started the grex of Vr. 'Eva' x 'Viminalis Rex' about 9 years ago. The first one worth keeping bloomed in August '04. When the second keeper bloomed in November '06, I seriously considered names for both of them. They're both medium sized plants about 60cm. across and blooming to about 50 cm. tall. I think I've posted a picture of this first one before. It has the plain green foliage of the 'Viminalis Rex' and the inflorescence color is heavily influenced by 'Eva'. I've named it Vr. 'Dreamsicle Orange'.

The second one has the maroon-hued foliage of 'Eva' and the branched red inflorescence of 'Viminalis Rex'. I love the contrast of colors! I've named it Vriesea 'Dreamsicle Cherry'. This is a picture of it blooming last August.

I finally created my first web page. You can find a link to it on my member page.


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I do enjoy seeing new hybrids, especially ones of good quality...thanks for the preview. 'African Queen' is a beauty, does it have that colour pattern during its normal growth phase, or just when it comes into flower? And those Vr. hybrids...9 worth the wait. I enjoyed having a look at your new web site, great to see your group of hybrids there, quite inspiring.

Have you got more 'in the pipeline' ? -Andrew.

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Very nice plants Paul. There has got to be an incredible passion for a Michigan man to be a bromeliad hybridizer. I'll be in Brighton in a few weeks, but I think my wife would kill me if I suggested a detour to see bromeliads.

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Pauls plants are great. My favs so far are Prairie fire, Sunny delight B B's Beauty and Cherry Brandy

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Nice plants, your website has some good looking plants to.


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Congratulations, Paul. Your new plants are beautiful. What I find really amazing is the patience and yes, passion to have persisted for 9 years in hybridizing the two Vrieseas. You also must consider that these were hybridized and grown in the cold, cold northern U.S.

Aside to Winterlager: If you are in Brighton, you should stop by and see Paul's shade house. I guarantee it is worth risking death by spouse!!


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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Paul , fantastic work , I have flowered some of the Vriesea crosses you sent me seeds of ,, EVA was in there ,, Michael

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bromeliaddict(z6 MI)

Thanks to everyone for the warm feedback!
Andrew, 'African Queen' always has shades of red. The young pups have a sort of "murky" red color. Not "unattractive",but perhaps more of an "intriguing" shade of red. The pollen parent is a hybrid by Gary Hendrix- Neo. 'Bob Work'= [N. 'Granada'=princeps x Fireball] x N. burle-marxii. I'm sure that the 'Granada' heritage contributes significantly to the blush of color at blooming.
As for hybrids "in the pipeline"...there are quite a few interesting ones developing from seed that I started 3-4 years ago, including some new Vrieseas that are just developing buds now. I'll post some pictures throughout the summer. I appreciate all the feedback, and it may help me distinguish "culls" from "keepers".
WL- Brighton is only 25-30 minuted from my house. Keep in touch!
Michael, Now I know who you are! The Vrieseas in bud now are also 'Eva' crosses. 'Eva' has a lot of admirable traits. A check of the Cultivar Registry shows that many other hybridizers evidently thought the same.
I hope that you got some attractive results!


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Good going, Paul! It'll be nice to see more of your work on the What's New page!

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