Two new Billbergia seedlings

allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)July 19, 2010

Hi All, have been flowering many new seedlings and thought you may like a look at a few?

These two Billbergia are siblings and are typical from this cross for large flowers which open slowly ie flowers remain choice for at least 3 weeks each.

The parentage is;Billbergia eupheme V purpurea hyb (Select) X B. eupheme V purpurea sdlng (Select) where both seedlings are close to if not F1 hybrids of Bill. eupheme v. purpurea.

seedling 1.

Seedling 2.

cheers allan ps If I get time will post other images?

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Hi Allan,

They're a couple of great looking plants there, and the fact that the flowers last three weeks very much adds to their appeal. If you follow this line of breeding who knows how long you can stretch the flowering time.

Thanks for posting, I'm alwys interested to see what new hybrids are in production.

"Long live the hybridizer"

All the best, Nev.

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Thank you for the compliment Nev,
Am busy at present will post some other images later..... cheers allan

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Nice work, I've wanted to play with eupheme but I can never get it to flower and in general it does poorly for me except it does pup.

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brom_todd(Melbourne, Australia)

Two very nice looking bills! Will you be releasing these or are they purely for your own enjoyment?

Cheers, Todd

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Beautiful! Well done Allan!

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Hi Allan ,not only do they have nice coloured spikes ,but the configuration is interesting and the lasting qualities are good ,the only long lasting flowering Bill ,i know is the old ' Windii' in cool periods it will last up to 4 weeks for me ,perhaps a mating between these ? good show Allan and i trust you are keeping well ,

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allan4519(10a, Northern NSW Australia)

Hi All, yep they are pretty & the second one is only just in full flower now.
Current image of this billbergia in flower;

Have hopefully set seed on the second one with the first seedling (Sibling)? They are a line of Billbergia that all look similar & reasonably hardy. Do not know if I will sell pups am lazy that way.

Some other hybrids flowering at present;

Canistropsis seidelii x C. billbergoides yellow (half way between both parents) self fertile. flower is approx. 3 inch of golden bracts in each head.

Canistropsis seidelii x C. plumb, again half way between both parents. Foliage is very purple in color.

Aechmea recurvata v benrathii seedlings showing flower color differences;

Vriesea carinata (orange form) x Vriesea sucrei , very uniform batch of seedlings. am hoping to create an F2 cross of this with a sibling soon???

more Aechmeas flowering and some interesting colors and flower forms appearing. will show them next time I get the urge????

Yep Jack am busy playing tennis these days, broms are getting too much work????

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Good show Allan , playing tennis ? well it keeps you fit thats for sure ,and yes the BROMS CAN BE A FAIR BIT OF WORK , KEEP WELL MY FRIEND , Jack

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