Hello All!!

Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)February 15, 2010

Hello everyone! Man, I have been away for such a long time! It's always nice to come and read all of the posts!

As for me, it seems we had a very short winter, but we did have a very cold night that took a heavy toll on tender plants. The official temperature for my city was 27F, but judging by the damage sustained by some plants, it had to have been a lot colder. My brugmansias, for example, lost 2-year old wood, which is very unusual. Other plants that were supposed to have withstood temperatures down to 20F without any damage took heavy damage from that one freeze event. Luckily, that was all in December and it seems we're out of the tunnel this year! I took out some potted brugs last week and they're leafing out beautifuly. Other projects that were under way since fall have finally been completed! & today I spent the day doing some cleaning and harvesting the last of the passionfruit. Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy:

Grevillea Coastal Gem

A couple of different roses

Sea Lavendar

Arbutus Marina



A couple of out-of-season petunias

Tecomaria Capensis

Callistemon Citrinus

An Apricot Blossom

Mixed Succulents (Euphorbia Polygona, Aptenia, Sedums & Echeverias). Also, Erica Mamossa blooming the the back

My first attempt at mass propagation of succulents from leaves. Let's hope it's a success!

Have a blessed Day!


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haase(10 CA)

Very nice pictures. You have some beautiful plants.
Thanks for sharing.


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I have some gardening friends that had quite a bit of damage from the unseasonably low temps you all had but it's nice there now. Your plants are lovely as usual but I really like your Grevillea Coastal Gem and the Arbutus Marina. I wonder how that would do as a container tree? Good luck with the succulents. They'll probably root easily.

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Thank you for the beautiful pictures, It really is nice seeing blooming plants. When I drove off the property today at work, there was a lone iris in bloom, talk about lifting my spirit. They said this is the coldest winter we have had in 20 years. Barbra,

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Central_Cali369(Sunset Z9, Fresno, CA)

Karyn, arbutus make excellent potted plants. Arbutus Unedo is a smaller tree by comparison (up to 30 feet). There is also a dwarf Arbutus variety that does well in pots, although I don't remember the name of that variety. I'm a real sucker for this tree's bark. The smooth maroon bark is what really makes me love this tree. It's the next best thing next to Archostaphylos Glauca (spelling?), also called Manzanita. Unfortunatley many Mazanitas are waaaay to fussy for home gardens, and like many California natives, will up-&-die with summer irrigation.

Honeybunny2, i was reading about that at weather.com.
It seems like everyone east of the Rockies is getting pounded with storm after storm. Hang in there!

Haase, thank you!

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Josh, great photos of your plants! I especially like the arbutus Marina. Have your tasted the fruit? Hope you will be able to keep it down to size by potting it up, unless you have lots of yard space.

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chena(z8 Texas)

How Wonderful to have so much blooming..LOL Not a dang thing here... Great Shots !!Thanks!!


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