''Hummels Sunset''....worth growing or not?

aveo5February 17, 2012

That my title kind of says it all. Is this jade worth growing, or is it difficult to grow?

Is it a pain to get any height on it? You know, is it worth adding to a succulent collection? Or is it just 'pretty' when it is cold/cooler,...as I see mentioned in many reviews about this jade. So being that I am in south Fla. I would have a plain green jade 99% of the time, and only have the colors that this jade has, for maybe the 3 weeks we have 'cool' temps? Thanks for opinions.

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To me any "Jade" is worth growing, it has good color with no water and abuse is important. It grows on rocky hillsides in Eastern Africa, loves the sun and neglect. It does flower for me, I trim mine the end of Sept. so it will flower in December. I grow it in a 20 hole strawberry pot. It receives morning sun, and unfortunately I have a 30% shade cloth over the top of the area, but we have a dry arid conditions where I live. Oh yes, I forgot it has been in that pot for 20 years and given to me by Ed Hummel. Go for it. Norma Lewis

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Totally worth it...even if it only colors for one week out of the year.


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Hummel's Sunset is a popular plant on this forum, don't expect you will get a single response saying it is not worth it. Josh is right, I have seen some photos of them online, and the colour is spectacular.


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In my region 'Hummel's Sunset' & 'Red Horn Tree' color from october till may.

Only big plants can be planted outdoors here because small plants without thick wooden stems usually become necrotic and fall to pieces and then die in winter (even without frost). They are considered the most fragile cultivars here.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Aveo, I live a couple of hours north of you and I grow Hummel sunset and absolutely LOVE it and totally worth growing! One of my most favorite Jade.. Mine colors up longer than 3 weeks usually from around December through March (sometimes mid to late April)...we've had a pretty warm winter here too so far, although we've had at least 3-4 freezes and my Hummel is still very colorful.

You are right...most of the year it is green and looks very similar to a regular Jade...but still worth it to grow for the 3-4 months of beautiful colors, at least for me.

Taken in Summer..

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Beautiful pix, gosh Pug, If I could grow it here ... (I can't) but the colors really ARE striking. Sometimes hard to believe it's the same plant.

Hi Aveo,

If you re-read some of these Hummel Threads, it seem most folks DO feel it's worth it.

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I've started to think about my succulents and how they grow and change much the same as I do my orchids.

The orchids sit there looking green for months and months. And then it may produce a blossom that is beautiful for several months and the wait is worth it. But then, some plants never do anything and just sit there looking green forever, but you grow it because someday it might and the leaves are a beautiful green!

So, yes, Hummel is worth growing, but you have to understand the plant. It is a lovely plant to look at even when it is just green, but the reward of having it glow with color is frosting on the cake.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Pirate Girl!!

I agree with you penny and PG...definitely worth growing this one. Heck, I grow the Green Jade and Gollum as well and the colors don't get any where as pretty as Hummel sunsets...yet, I still grow them and love them just the same.

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I have huge Gollums and the regular jade trees, but at the price for TINY cuttings for the Hummel Sunset, if it is green all year, except for a month or two,it might not be for me. My orchids give me flowers and fragrance for months and months, between just 4 plants, that I love, I have the other jades, and didn't have to spend a fortune for a 3in cutting of them. I would like to try it, but can only buy so many cacti succulents each year, have to get my moneys worth.
If it stayed colorful for 6 months or so, it might be worth its HIGH price. I'll stick to my other jades, and my stapelias and orchids. This Hummel wont be in my collection....moneys to tight for a month or so of color. Rather get another stapelia that would bloom most of the summer and be covered in flies, and blooms. Thanks all.

My hunt continues for a true BIG red, maroon tipped, 'Stapelia Grandiflora'...getting close, but not there yet.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Sounds like your mind was made up from the first post.

I paid $13.50 for a foot tall "Hummel's Golden Sunset."

Maybe just keep your eyes peeled for a good deal.


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No...it wasnt...but all I can find is a 3in cutting for over $10...thats to much....I can grow my green jade for now, and my Gollums. If I were in a cooler climate and it was as pretty as it is in the pictures above for 6 months, I'd pay THAT to get it.

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I've seen a rooted cutting on ebay for $4. That's not much.

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