My Blooming Season Is Starting!

joshy46013December 4, 2011

Hi Guys,

Well my hybrids are preparing to bloom, these are the ones I've kept evergreen that I bought last season.

The ones preparing to bloom:




Sunny Prince


These is only one bulb that isn't sending up a scape and that is 'Lemon Trumpet'. These are blooming quite early, I have not forced them at all, I watered, fed and provided sunlight and I've had them in growth since buying them. Does anyone else bloom so early?


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The earliest I've ever had a Hippeastrum bloom, by its own cycle, was in February. The bulb was a hybrid, Minerva... and I chose to grow it like a houseplant, allowing it to rest or actively grow on its own natural schedule. A couple of years, it decided to send up scapes in February, as the days grew longer in my northern climate.

The usual cycle is purchasing in autumn, followed by a Christmas blooming... only because the bulbs are primed to bloom by the grower. But when allowed to revert to their natural bloom cycles, I find most will bloom around early spring, some closer to late spring or early summer, depending upon certain variables.

I hope you'll post photos as your bulbs bloom... I've not heard of a couple of your choices, and I'm interested to see what they look like!

By the way... nice blog! I can't wait to read more! :-)

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