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Laura RobichaudFebruary 20, 2013

I went to the garden center to pick up some neat ornament for my mom's birthday. I found three new plants that had to come home with me.

I got a nice big split rock that will soon be blooming, a echeveria Black Knight, I think and a unknown. I really didn't think I'd come home with three new plants. :)

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Hmm that "name unknown" looks interesting!!
I love the rock-stuff. They are so quietly cool. :-)

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E.capsaintemariensis or E. ambovombensis.... They're both nice caudiformes.

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I think your Echeveria is actually Black Prince, not Black Knight. Pleiospilos at bottom.

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And both those Euphorbias Wes mentioned, Laura, are named for the places they come from in Madagascar. Nice haul.

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Nice choices. Have fun with those. :-)

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Yes, I agree with 'Black Prince' and Pleios nelii. I'm no good at Euphorbias.

That Echeveria will grow twice as fast if you can find a good place for it in the ground. I have a big one that I grew in a pot, took 3 years to get it to size. I have another one that I stuck in the ground about 4 months ago and it's already catching up to the old one in size.

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Very nice, Laura!

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Laura Robichaud

I saw that huge split rock, grabbed it and said, "MINE". I have a very small Royal Flush and have been wanting a green one for a while. There were several, but many were highly overwatered and had three full sets of leaves.

The Echeveria was so large and healthy looking. Do people put them in the ground for the summer and then pot it up in the fall? I have a wonderful SW facing spot at our place in Vermont where hens and chicks grow and flower like crazy. Everything grows to Jurassic Park proportions up there. The soil is amazing.

In the meantime, should I just pot up all three in gritty mix? Of course I'll wait for the SR to finish blooming before repotting.

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Laura Robichaud

Mesemb humor. Pleiospilos nelii "Marty Feldman". For any newbies or people with no sense of humor, there is no Marty Feldman cultivar.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Would agree about Echeveria affinis 'Black Prince'. The variation 'Black Knight' has more slender pointed leaves. To keep the nice dark color on these, they will require strong sunlight. Without this, the new growth will begin to turn green.

Also agree with the Euphorbia. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to know because they can appear different depending on clonal variation. To this point:

Here are three E. capsaintemariensis. The one on the left was purchased a very long time ago from ISI. The larger one was purchased only a few years ago and the smaller one in the foreground is a seedling crossed between the other plants in the picture. It is about three years old.

Both of these are the same species, purchased at the same time and grown under the same conditions but have very different growing forms. Notice one plant has very large leaves as compared to the other and grows in a dense canopy as compared to the other.

Then there are two variations of E. decaryi both with curly edged leaves much like the above plants and with different growing habits; one being more upright while the other more prostrate as well as different leaf sizes. The plant on the right is a two year old cutting. These don't form caudices as do the others. They grow from underground rhizomes.

You have some nice plants and I'm certain you will enjoy them. TFS.


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Laura Robichaud

Thank you all for the information! I'm pretty excited to go out of my comfort zone with the Euphorbia. I'm going to do a lot of reading and hopefully I will be able to provide conditions where these plants will thrive.

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All very nice Doc about the right E.cap a very nice variation in cascade it seems to say "What happens on Euphorbia island stays on Euphorbia Island." and a big thanks for the album page viewing.

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Marty Feldman! Thanks for bringing me a smile this morning:)
Sorry, I forgot about your zone when I mentioned putting the Echy in the ground. Don't mind me.

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Laura Robichaud

I just acquired the plant on the left. The one on the right is the one I purchased when I started this thread. Of course the new one is obviously a Black Prince. Comparing the two, do you believe they are both the same type plant?

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Sometimes, I think it is very difficult to differentiate between E. 'Black Prince' and 'Black Knight' IMHO, the leaves of the plant on the right are more narrow and have more pointed tips and would therefore call it 'Black Knight. I think of it as, Knights have swords that are narrow and pointed and go off to battle while Princes stay at court getting wide and stubby! LOL

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both E Black Prince. Just different growing conditions and/or different variations. E Black Knight is as mentioned, a much more tubular-leaved or fusiform-leaved plant with upright leaves, not flattened like these ones. Flowers are virtually identical though.

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Laura Robichaud

I see what you're saying. I absolutely love them. I think they're my favorite plants. I couldn't resist the one on the left. Usually you don't find Echevarias so perfect.

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

Also Laura, the one on the left will become dark in the center with lots of sunlight. Mine always turn somewhat green over the winter but darken up with good sun exposure. Not that you'd want anymore but they will pup rather easily. I always have more than I know what to do with!

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