Tillandsias with interesting blooms/growth

sdandyAugust 18, 2010

This ionantha bloomed the last couple of months and it caught my eye as the flower petals of both plants were open and twisted kind of like a propeller (unfortunately I didn't grab a photo) rather than in a nice tight tube. I rubbed the pollen on the pistils on a whim. So recently I peered in at the center of the plant to see if it was setting any seed. I was surprised to see that the center of both plants were still growing!

And this tilly has lateral blooms. Always love finding the oddballs!

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Andy, "camera"...don't leave home without it! Would of been good to see the ionantha's blooms but what the heck. The growth in the crown after flowering is a common occurence in the many forms of this plant.
Your albida is oddball, but then who's to say what's normal in our field of collecting?

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Ha ha, good point Gonz. I think that applies to the people as well as the plants...but at least we have our fellow collectors to console us in our oddballosity.

But good to know about other ionanthas doing that. I'd rather see it keep getting bigger rather than making a quick clump of a bunch of small plants. We'll see if those two ionanthas and albida bloom the same way next year.

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I like the sound of that.

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paul_t23(Coastal Sydney)

Hi Andy, neat plants and the word is just wonderful! Thanks for both. Cheers, Paul

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