Trip to Old West Cactus Farm

azpedsrn(Arizona)February 17, 2012

I already shared these pictures on the Arizona forum, but I thought they might be appreciated more here: February 17, 2012
The Old West Cactus Farm is a great place just north of Phoenix. Loretta

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rosemariero6(z10 /ss24 So. Calif.)

Wow! Neat to see, Loretta! Thanks!! That really DOES look like a "farm" for cactus. :P

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I would not know where to begin. It would take me over a week in there and boy would I have fun! Thanks for sharing. Paula

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I love it there. I wandered around for a couple of hours - I think I covered much of it twice, although I was hurrying the second time through. There are SOOO many, that I'd see one I liked and think "OK, there's one I think I'll come back for" and by the time I got through it all, I couldn't remember everything I wanted or if I remembered it, couldn't remember WHERE it was, so back I went (yippee!) I'm not sure what everything is, but when I took the two variegated ones up to checkout (one was a birthday gift for a friend), the guy was surprised-didn't know he had a variegated form of these.

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paul_(z5 MI)

Looks like a neat place to meander.

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Loretta, lucky girl. Boy that must have been a nice sight to run into, where about is this place north of phoenix anyway?

How were the prices out there did you feel like you stole them or like you got robbed?

Thanks for the tip and picture.


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Greg, it's immediately north of the Anthem Outlet mall. I think there prices are great. All the one-gallons I bought were $10, which is funny because some pots would have a huge cactus or a group of two or three, and be next to a pot with a little one and they're all $10 because they're in a 1-gallon pot. The 5-gal Golden Barrels are $15 each. If you're going up there, start watching your little local newspaper that comes about once a week - often it will have a coupon for a free golden barrel (not as big as the ones I have pictured - I think it's a one-gallon) . (I know the last time my neighbor and I went there, she bought a certain type of cactus that was $35 instead of the $10, but pretty much it's $10 for the one gallons.)

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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Loretta, that's a very good price even Home Depot are way, way higher, I've seen those golden barrels for over $50. & $75. Bucks. I never bought any at that outrageous price though.

So those are extremely good prices, the kind that even make you feel good when your walking away, you feel like that O'l. IKEA commercial, " Start the car!!!!".... Lol...
Did you ever see that one it was funny, the lady thought the prices were marked wrong cause it was so low, so she's running to her car with her merchandise yelling at her husband to hurry up and start the car to take off before they realized what happened.

Well thanks again for the tip not going tomorow but when I'm out there I will sure be looking for it, thanks again loretta.


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hijole(9 Sunny California)

Loreta, I noticed that you live in arizona while I live in Calif. Do you or anyone else know if there are any restrictions to someone bringing them cactus over to this side ? I think the giant saguaro is the forbidden fruit as far as bring it over the border.



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Ohhh, I'm not sure about that....seems California has strict restrictions. When we go, they always ask if we have fruit and veggies, not sure about plants. I bet someone on here will know or you can find out anything on google. I haven't seen that commercial, but it sounds funny. As far as pricing at Old West, I got thinking about it and actually I'm pretty sure most of the one-gallon plants were $8, but I'm sure the barrel cactus (5-gal?) were $15. Either way, very good prices.

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