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jackie_o(zone 5/6)December 21, 2010

I know we sometimes cut the basal plate, but here's my question - those of you who grow your hippis as houseplants (don't dry out or force them), do you ever trim the necks? Mine seem to be getting longer and longer. When we buy new bulbs they are always trimmed down pretty far.

Yes? No? Why? Why not?


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Actually, I do trim the necks when I have pulled them out of their pots and the leaves have finally turned yellow. I take a steak knife and carefully look inside just to make sure there isn't a bud lurking and then I make a neat slice. It dries in a day or so, and looks really neat. I don't really get around to doing all of them, but the ones I do cut just look neater. Now, those that don't go dormant, of course I leave them alone. If you're growing them as houseplants and they never loose all their leaves, then I guess I'd leave them alone, just my opinion....


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jackie_o(zone 5/6)

Thanks for answering Donna. I don't let mine go dormant, but I think Mother Nature knows that they need a cycle, because even the ones I've kept indoors all year are having their VERY LONG leaves turn yellow. I cut them off at this time of year and fresh ones grow.

It made sense to me that when the last leaves come off, I can cut the neck down. Like you - I'll be careful not to snip any buds!

Merry Christmas!

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